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We Are All Richard Jewell.

How social media makes “cancel campaigns” routine.

Tanner Cunningham December 31, 2019

Christianity Today Embarrasses Evangelicals.

Mark Galli doesn't speak for the many evangelical Christians who support President Trump.

Clyde Swindell December 30, 2019

Space Force, Authorized.

President Trump is right: dominance in space is necessary to protect American interests.

Mark Everette December 26, 2019

Against Silicon Valley.

Big Tech amplified the culture war: now it is putting its thumb on the scale.

Ian Cheong December 20, 2019

Soldiers Without Guns.

It’s time to allow concealed carry on military bases.

Alec Orrell December 19, 2019

It’s Time to Leave Afghanistan.

After so many American lives and dollars wasted, it’s time to say: enough.

Joseph Laughon December 18, 2019

Latin American State Failure Is Coming.

What will Americans face if southern countries fall into chaos?

Alec Orrell December 17, 2019

William Barr: Man Of The Year.

He saved Trump’s Presidency—and he’s only been on the job ten months.

Will Chamberlain December 16, 2019

DACA: An Actual Abuse of Power.

President Obama could have been impeached for it; President Trump is working to end it.

Lew Jan Olowski December 12, 2019

The Afghanistan Papers Show The Swamp At Its Worst.

The Bush and Obama administrations lied about the war—systematically—for two decades.

Joseph Laughon December 11, 2019

Michelle Obama Is Waiting In The Wings.

Joe Biden might be facing some competition soon.

David Krayden December 9, 2019

President Trump Should Not Rely on NATO.

The once-formidable alliance has turned into a gossip circle.

Nicholas Guy December 6, 2019

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Report Exonerates President Trump.

Democrats not only failed to prove their case; they revealed President Trump acted "perfectly."

Will Chamberlain December 5, 2019

Qatar is Destabilizing the Middle East.

Real allies don’t fund Islamist terror while buying American influence.

Ian Cheong December 3, 2019

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