Gen. Wesley Clark's New 'Insights' Into U.S.'s Founding

Maybe you thought you were familiar with the founding documents of the United States: the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers. Well, your understanding is apparently wrong. Gen. Wesley Clark–the man who brought you the debacle in Kosovo–seems to have discovered brand new insights into the thought of the Founding Fathers.

Appearing on Tim Russert’s show, Meet the Press, Sunday (6-15), he was asked his opinion on the recently passed Bush tax cuts. “[T]he tax cuts weren’t fair,” he replied. “I mean, the people that need the money and deserve the money are the people who are paying less, not the people who are paying more. I thought this country was founded on a principle of progressive taxation.

Political pundits contend that Clark is currently coveting the vice presidential spot on the Democratic ticket for 2004. Many observers think he hopes to be in the White House someday.


Read: Transcript of Clark’s Meet the Press Interview (6-15-03).
Gen. Clark is the second guest.