Reason #1:Kerry Will Raise Taxes

The presidential election of 2004 may be just as close as the presidential election of 2000. Once again, the outcome could be determined by a handful of votes in a single state. Yet, the stakes in this election are enormous. While the vote margin between President Bush and Democratic candidate John Kerry may turn out to be small, the differences in where they intend to take the country are vast. Kerry is the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. But he has labored in this campaign–and especially at the Democratic National Convention in Boston–to hide his true beliefs and obscure his record. In “The Case Against Kerry,” HUMAN EVENTS sets the record straight, unmasking the plain truth of what John Kerry has done in two decades in the U.S. Senate. Click here to get the complete special report for FREE.

Kerry Will Raise Taxes

John Kerry has adopted the classic Democratic strategy of class-war demagoguery. During his campaign, he has repeatedly pledged to increase taxes on the “rich”–i.e. Americans earning more than $200,000 per year–while providing additional government benefits to the middle class. In fact, Kerry has a long and consistent record of voting against tax cuts and in favor of tax increases–no matter what the income level of the taxpayers in question. In the 12 years since the National Taxpayers Union began grading the voting records of members of Congress on tax-and-spending issues, Kerry has received the grade of “F” eleven times. In 1996, the one year Kerry did not receive an “F,” he received a “D.” Despite Kerry’s attempt to pose as a champion of the middle class, he has repeatedly supported regressive taxes that target the middle class. For example, he voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, which lowered the income tax rates for the lowest income brackets. He repeatedly voted against eliminating the marriage penalty–the government’s practice of taxing dual income middle-class married couples at a higher rate than they would be taxed if they lived together in sin. He also supported the provision in President Clinton’s 1993 tax hike that increased taxes on the elderly middle-class by taxing the Social Security benefits of people earning a mere $32,000 per year or more. He once advocated a 50-cent per gallon gas tax increase, has voted for higher gas taxes in the Senate, and also for higher taxes on entrepreneurs who produce oil domestically. He defended higher gas taxes on the middle class as an environmental necessity. He has repeatedly supported higher “sin” taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Kerry likes to pose as a champion of small business. But his proposal to raise income tax rates for those earning $200,000 per year would uniquely target small businesses, which frequently pay their taxes through the individual tax returns of the owners. According to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, two-thirds of all personal income tax returns in the top bracket (which Kerry would tax at a rate of 40%) report income derived from an ownership interest in a small business.

Never Met a Tax He Didn’t Like Kerry has a long record of supporting tax increases and opposing tax cuts.
Bush’s $1.35 Trillion 2001 Tax Cut AGAINST:Voted against HR 1836, Vote #165, 5/23/01.
Bush’s $350 Billion 2003 Tax Cut AGAINST:Voted against HR 2, Vote #179, 5/15/03 and HR 2, Vote #196, 5/23/03
Clinton’s $240 Billion Tax Hike FOR:Voted for HR 2264, Vote #190, 6/25/93 and HR 2264, Vote #247, 8/6/93.
Higher Taxes on Middle Class Social Security Benefits FOR:Voted against Lott amendment to kill tax hike, S 1134, Vote #169, 6/24/93 and HR 2264, Vote #190, 6/25/93.
Repeal of Death Tax AGAINST:Voted against HR 8, Vote #197, 7/14/2000 and HR 8, Vote #151, 6/12/02.
Higher Capital Gains Taxes FOR:Voted against cloture on HR 3628, Vote #295, 11/14/89 and HR 3628, Vote #298, 11/15/89.
Higher Gasoline Taxes FOR:Voted against cloture on HR 2937, Vote #112, 5/14/96 and voted to table Nickles amendment to cut gas tax, S 1134, Vote #167, 6/24/93.
Higher Taxes on Domestic Oil Production FOR:Voted for Metzenbaum amendment to S 3209, Vote #288, 10/18/90.
Higher Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes FOR:Voted for Durbin amendment to S 949, Vote #137, 6/26/97 and voted against tabling Bradley amendment to SConRes 13, Vote #223, 5/25/95.
Marriage Penalty Relief AGAINST:Voted for Hollings amendment to HR 4810, Vote #213, 7/18/00 and voted against Hutchison amendment to HConRes 83, Vote #79, 4/5/01.
Retroactive Tax FOR:Voted against amendments to S 1134, Vote #186, 6/25/93 and HR 3167, Vote #327, 10/26/93.
The Taxman Speaketh

“When politicians start talking about taxes, the truth is usually in peril.”

The Boston Globe,
April 19, 1996

“It doesn’t reflect…my support for a 50-cent increase in the gas tax.”

–JOHN KERRY, complaining about the bad-score he got
from the Concord Coalition on deficit reduction,
The Boston Globe,
March 1, 1994

“Declaring ‘I am blessed to be wealthy,’ Senator John F. Kerry said that, if elected president, he would consider…raising the cut-off point after which people no longer pay into the system. Americans pay Social Security taxes only on the first $86,000 they earn in a year….’Maybe people ought to pay up to $100,000 or $120,000, I don’t know,’ the senator said.”

–The Boston Globe,
Aug. 14, 2003

“We have to either roll back or prevent the top end of Bush tax cuts from taking place and if they bum rush this thing through this year and we’re stuck with them having put it in, I’m prepared to go at it and say we’re going to take it away.”

The Washington Post,
July 11, 2003

“But more importantly, Governor, if you say you’re an environmentalist, you can’t excuse taking steps that will increase carbon dioxide that increases global warming. You can’t excuse taking steps to encourage people to buy gas-guzzlers. You can’t excuse creating greater dependency on oil, which weakens the United States of America. And for all of those reasons, I think your efforts to reduce the gas tax by 4.3 cents are pandering of the worst order.”

–JOHN KERRY, in a senatorial campaign debate
with then-Gov. Bill Weld (R.-Mass.),
July 2, 1996

“Sen. John F. Kerry has said he was ‘very proud’ of his vote to increase the [gas] tax by 4.3 cents per gallon as part of a 1993 deficit-reduction package.”

–The Boston Globe,
May 4, 1996

“This is not the time for a dividends tax cut that goes to individuals.”

Associated Press,
May 8, 2003

“The bill also raises taxes–seventy-five per cent from those who make over one hundred thousand dollars, and twenty-five per cent from those who make between thirty thousand and one hundred thousand dollars. I wish we did not need to raise taxes, but every serious economist…has admitted that the budget cannot be balanced without increasing taxes somewhat.”

–JOHN KERRY, explaining on the Senate floor why he voted for
Bill Clinton’s 1993 middle-class tax hike,
The New Republic, Feb. 2, 2004
Ten Reasons John Kerry Should Not Be President

  • Reason #1: Kerry Will Raise Taxes
  • Reason #2: Kerry Will Massively Increase Spending
  • Reason #3: Kerry Opposed a Strong National Defense
  • Reason #4: Kerry Tried to Slash U.S. Intelligence
  • Reason #5: Kerry is a Pro-Abortion Extremist
  • Reason #6: Kerry Won’t Defend Traditional Marriage
  • Reason #7: Kerry, a Radical Environmentalist, Blocks Domestic Energy Production
  • Reason #8: Kerry Would Restrict 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Reason #9: Kerry Will Pack the Court With Activist Justices
  • Reason #10: Kerry is Senator Flip Flop

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