Reason #2:Kerry Will Massively Increase Spending

The presidential election of 2004 may be just as close as the presidential election of 2000. Once again, the outcome could be determined by a handful of votes in a single state.

Yet, the stakes in this election are enormous. While the vote margin between President Bush and Democratic candidate John Kerry may turn out to be small, the differences in where they intend to take the country are vast.

Kerry is the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. But he has labored in this campaign–and especially at the Democratic National Convention in Boston–to hide his true beliefs and obscure his record.

In “The Case Against Kerry,” HUMAN EVENTS sets the record straight, unmasking the plain truth of what John Kerry has done in two decades in the U.S. Senate.

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Kerry Will Massively Increase Spending

As a presidential candidate, John Kerry has pretended to be a fiscal conservative, down playing his pro-Big Government record in Congress. But from 1997-2002, according to the National Taxpayers Union, he voted to increase federal spending by a cumulative $731 billion.

“I will move America in a new direction,” Kerry said at Georgetown University on April 7, “by cutting the deficit in half in four years while making health care affordable; by paying for every program that I propose; and by rolling back the Bush tax cut for the wealthiest Americans while expanding tax cuts for the middle class.”

“My pledge to America is to restore fiscal discipline,” he said. “[We] will impose spending restraints, so that no one can propose or pass a new program without a way to pay for it. And we’ll enforce budget discipline with spending caps.”

But this is pie-in-the-sky rhetoric. Drew Johnson of the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) analyzed the budget impact of Kerry’s campaign proposals. Kerry, he concluded, “plans to introduce over $226 billion in new spending–in his first year alone.”

“In order to offer Sen. Kerry the most favorable interpretations possible,” Johnson wrote in his analysis, “NTUF applied the lowest cost estimate for spending proposals and the highest estimate for savings proposals whenever several estimates existed.”

The NTUF’s conclusion: “[S]ince announcing his candidacy John Kerry has offered 70 policy proposals affecting federal outlays, only five of which would decrease government spending. Overall, Sen. Kerry proposes spending $770.6 billion over five years to fund his projects, while suggesting just $35.9 billion in budget cuts. This leaves $734.62 billion unaccounted for and presumably passed on to American taxpayers in the form of increased taxes or suffocating debt.”

What about Kerry’s twin promises to cut taxes for all but the top 2% of wage earners while paying as he goes for new federal programs? “If John Kerry were indeed to ‘pay for’ every program he has proposed as a presidential candidate, as he promised in the April 7 speech at Georgetown, taxpayers in the U.S. would face an average additional $2,306 apiece in taxes in the first year of a Kerry presidency alone,” concluded NTUF’s Johnson.

Hold on to your wallets if Kerry is elected.

Breaking the Bank
Balanced Budget Amendment AGAINST:Voted no on SJ Res. 41, Vote #48, 3/1/94; voted no on joint resolution to pass balanced budget amendment, Vote #98, 3/2/95; voted no on joint resolution to pass balanced budget amendment, Vote #24, 3/4/97.
Across-the-Board Non-Defense Discretionary Spending Cuts AGAINST:Voted yes on motion to kill amendment that would have reduced all non-defense discretionary spending across the board, Vote #62, 5/8/97.
Require 3/5th Vote for Deficit Spending AGAINST:Voted against allowing a vote on a motion to require a 3/5ths vote of both houses for passage of any legislation that increases the deficit after fiscal year 2001, Vote #85, 5/22/97.
Cut Congressional Pay AGAINST:Voted no on proposal to cut congressional pay 15%, Vote #103, 5/5/94.
Taxpayer Funding of Presidential Campaigns FOR:Voted to preserve federal funding of presidential elections, Vote #194, 5/24/95.
National Endowment for the Arts Funding FOR:Voted against amendment to HR 2107 eliminate funding for National Endowment for the Arts, Vote #244, 9/17/97; Voted to kill an amendment, S 2237, that would have transferred the funding for the NEA to the National Parks Service, Vote #269, 9/15/98.
National Endowment for the Arts Funding for Pornography FOR:Voted no on Helms amendment to deny tax money to NEA for promoting distributing, disseminating or producing materials that depict in a patently offensive way sexual or excretory activities or organs, Vote #307, 10/24/90. Voted to table the amendment, Vote #244, 10/31/91.
Cut Tax Subsidies for Public Radio and TV AGAINST:Voted no on Lott amendment for S 1504, to freeze funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Vote #112, 6/3/92.
Proposed 1994 Spending Cut of $318 Billion AGAINST:Voted no on budget substitute to cut $318 billion in spending over five years, Vote #66, 3/23/94.
Pay for Left-Wing Legal Services Corp. Lawsuits FOR:Voted no on a motion that would have stripped funding for the Legal Services Corp. rather than give it a $130 million increase to $340 million, Vote #476, 9/29/95.
Pay for AmeriCorps ‘Volunteers’ FOR:Voted for HR2010 to provide $427 million for the AmeriCorps program to fund ‘volunteers’ who are actually paid. Vote #249, 9/8/93.
Federal Funding for Abortion FOR:Voted for an amendment to strike the “Hyde Amendment” which prohibits federal funding for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, Vote #129, 6/25/97.
$2 Billion Dairy Farm Subsidy FOR:Voted for S 1731, Vote #362, 12/11/01, to preserve $2 billion direct subsidies to milk producers; voted for HR 2646, Vote #30, 2/13/02, which authorized $2 billion in direct subsidies to milk producers.
Kerry’s First Year: $226 Billion in New Spending
A National Taxpayers Union analysis reveals that John Kerry’s campaign proposals would increase federal spending by a net $226.13 billion in their first year alone. Amounts are in billions of dollars.
Civil Rights
Health Care
Homeland Security
International Aid

Source: National Taxpayers Union

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