Reason #10:Kerry is Senator Flip Flop

The presidential election of 2004 may be just as close as the presidential election of 2000. Once again, the outcome could be determined by a handful of votes in a single state.

Yet, the stakes in this election are enormous.

While the vote margin between President Bush and Democratic candidate John Kerry may turn out to be small, the differences in where they intend to take the country are vast.

Kerry is the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. But he has labored in this campaign–and especially at the Democratic National Convention in Boston–to hide his true beliefs and obscure his record.

In “The Case Against Kerry,” HUMAN EVENTS sets the record straight, unmasking the plain truth of what John Kerry has done in two decades in the U.S. Senate.

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Kerry is Senator Flip Flop

“I actually did vote
for the $87 billion
before I voted against it.”

–John Kerry,
The New York Times,
March 17, 2004

Advocates Troop Re-Deployment
Attacks Bush for Troop Re-Deployment
‘I think we can significantly change the deployment of troops not just there [in Iraq] but elsewhere in the world. In the Korean peninsula perhaps, in Europe perhaps. There are great possibilities open to us.’
ABC’s ‘This Week With
George Stephanopoulos,’
Aug. 1, 2004
‘I want to say something about the plan that the President announced on Monday to withdraw 70,000 troops from Asia and Europe. Nobody wants to bring troops home more than those of us who have fought in foreign wars. But it needs to be done at the right time and in a sensible way. This is not that time or that way.’
Speech to Veterans
of Foreign Wars,
Aug. 18, 2004


Wouldn’t Appoint AntiRoeJustice
Might Appoint AntiRoeJustice
‘I’m the only candidate running for president who hasn’t played games, fudged around,’ said Kerry, a Massachusetts senator. ‘If you believe that choice is a constitutional right, and I do, and if you believe thatRoe v. Wadeis the embodiment of that right…I will not appoint a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States who will undo that right.’
Associated Press,
Jan. 26, 2004
‘I will not appoint somebody with a 5-4 court who’s about to undoRoe v. Wade. I’ve said that before….But that doesn’t mean that if that’s not the balance of the court I wouldn’t be prepared ultimately to appoint somebody to some court who has a different point of view. I’ve already voted for people like that. I voted for Judge Scalia.’
Associated Press,
May 19, 2004


Advocates Intelligence Funding Cut
Attacks Bush for Under-Funding Intelligence
‘Mr. President, today I am introducing a bill to cut almost $45 billion from the federal deficit over the next five years. This proposal would achieve a radical reduction in the deficit without touching entitlements and without resorting to gimmicks….The madness must end. And to end it, we each must be willing to vote to eliminate programs that we know are not in the national interest.’
advocating his proposal
to cut $6 billion over five years
from the Intelligence budget,
Senate floor speech,
Feb. 3, 1994
‘As Commander-in-Chief, the President must take responsibility for what takes place on his watch. And most importantly, he must take action to ensure that our nation’s vulnerabilities are corrected. Yet…this President has still not done what is necessary to keep America safe. As President, I will move quickly to ensure that our intelligence services are operating at the highest possible level.’
July 16, 2004


Said He Would ‘Not Abandon Our Troops’
Voted Against Funding for Our Troops

JOHN KERRY: Well, Sen. [Joe] Biden [D.-Del.] and I are introducing a effort to try to link the $87 billion to the reduction of the Bush tax cut at the high end, and we’re doing that as a matter of shared sacrifice….I think we need to roll back the top end of the Bush tax cut.

QUESTION: If that amendment does not pass, will you then vote against the $87 billion?

KERRY: I don’t think any United States senator is going to abandon our troops and recklessly leave Iraq to–to whatever follows as a result of simply cutting and running. That’s irresponsible….There’s a way to do this properly. But I don’t think anyone in the Congress is going to not give our troops ammunition, not give our troops the ability to be able to defend themselves. We’re not going to cut and run and not do the job.

–CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’
Sept. 14, 2003

John Kerry voted against the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan Security & Reconstruction, S. 1689, Vote #400, 10/17/03. He had the following exchange with CBS’s Dan Rather about that vote:

RATHER: Well, at the core of the attack against you is that you are, quote, ‘Senator Flip-Flop.’ Does or does not the record indicate that you have indeed been on several sides of most issues, or at least a lot of issues over the years.

JOHN KERRY: Not a one. Ask me.

RATHER: Voted for the war but now didn’t vote for the money to finance the war.

KERRY: That’s not a flip-flop. That’s not a flip-flop.

–‘CBS Evening News,’
July 21, 2004


Defense of Marriage Act is Unconstitutional
Defense of Marriage Act is Constitutional
‘DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act] is unconstitutional. There is no single member of the U.S. Senate who believes that it is within the Senate’s power to strip away the word or spirit of a constitutional clause by simple statute. DOMA would, de facto, add a section to our Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article IV, Section 1, to allow the states not to recognize the legal marriage in another state.’
Senate floor speech
opposing DOMA,
Sept. 10, 1996

QUESTION: If the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, isn’t President Bush right that the only way to guarantee that no state has to recognize a gay marriage performed in any other state is a federal constitutional amendment?

JOHN KERRY: No. In fact, I think the interpretation–I think under the Full Faith and Credit Clause that I was incorrect in that statement. I think in fact that no state has to recognize something that is against their public policy.

–The Los Angeles Times
and CNN Democratic
presidential debate,
Feb. 26, 2004
Ten Reasons John Kerry Should Not Be President

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  • Reason #3: Kerry Opposed a Strong National Defense
  • Reason #4: Kerry Tried to Slash U.S. Intelligence
  • Reason #5: Kerry is a Pro-Abortion Extremist
  • Reason #6: Kerry Won’t Defend Traditional Marriage
  • Reason #7: Kerry, a Radical Environmentalist, Blocks Domestic Energy Production
  • Reason #8: Kerry Would Restrict 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Reason #9: Kerry Will Pack the Court With Activist Justices
  • Reason #10: Kerry is Senator Flip Flop

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