Liberal Bias in Academia? Nah

Recent comments by Brandeis University representatives give us yet another example of how school officials are either oblivious of liberal bias in academe or pretend it doesn’t exist. Of all the schools to deny a leftwing bias, Brandeis should not be one of them. They literally have socialists as teachers (not to mention our good friend Anita Hill on the faculty payroll). The only dose of conservatism comes from right-wing students. Yet, these activists are routinely given a hard time whenever they invite a conservative speaker. For example, in 2000, when Charlton Heston was requested, Brandeis officials told student organizers that they needed to pay for a bomb-sniffing dog, ten police officers, two full-body metal detectors, two metal detector wands, a paramedic team, and four pints of Mr. Heston’s blood type. I documented Brandeis’s clear ideological underrepresentation and blatant biases, past and present, if you want to read more.