Just a Football Lovin' Country Boy for Prez

National Review and Congressional Quarterly ran strikingly similar cover stories on Sen. George Allen (R.-Va.) as a hot contender for the GOP’s 2008 presidential candidate within a week of each other. Unfortunately, the stories don’t go far beyond Allen’s “country-boy image” that includes his ever-present pack of chew (mentioned in both stories) and aggressive sporting mentality bred from his Washington Redskin’s coach father.
Consider this:
National Review cover: Titled, “His Future is Now” (drawn from in inspiring football quote his father used) featuring Sen. Allen in a dress shirt and tie throwing a football.
Congressional Quarterly Weekly: Titled,  “Would the GOP give the ball to  THIS GUY?”  showing Sen. Allen in a dark suit, ruggedly posing with a football. Open to story and see Sen. Allen throwing a football, jacket off, new headline “A Sporting Chance.”