Joey Porter Speaks the Truth

At the risk of turning this into a sports blog, I must defend my beloved Joey Porter from a likely NFL fine for his remark about the referee’s botched interception-turned-incomplete-pass call during the Steelers-Colts game.

Here was Porter’s remark after referee Pete Morelli, who called one of the worst games I’ve ever watched, ruled a Troy Polamalu interception an incomplete pass:

"I know they wanted Indy to win this game; the whole world loves Peyton Manning. But come on, man, don’t take the game away from us like that."

What Porter said sums up what just about every Steelers fan was thinking — and what most others had to believe. Like the judge in Washington state who counted ballots of dead people to hand Democrat Christine Gregoire the governor’s office, Morelli is the one who should be reprimanded for not using common sense — or apparently referring to the NFL’s rule book on what constitutes an interception.