Six Congressmen Honor Alito

Honoring the recent addition of Associate Justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, six members of the House of Representatives made the following comments:

Rep. Trent Franks (R.-Ariz.):

"This is a new day in history. With the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito today, we truly are on the path for greater days in America. Alito is an honorable and principled man with a proven record of following the rule of law and not of man.  He is unquestionably the most qualified nominee we have seen in 70 years. Despite the embarrassing political wrangling of some Democrat Senators during what should have been respectful hearings and process, Samuel Alito has transcended the insults and prevailed to become a United States Supreme Court Justice. A new day has indeed dawned in America."

Rep. John Carter (R.-Texas):

"I applaud my colleagues in the Senate for confirming Judge Samuel A. Alito’s nomination to the highest court in our country. Judge Alito brings more judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee in over 70 years; and his impeccable credentials prove that he will promote judicial restraint, not activism. In my 20 years on the bench, I gained awareness first-hand of the great responsibilities of the court in shaping our society. I believe that Judge Alito’s experience and respect for the court will serve our judicial system and nation well in the years to come."

Rep. Joe Wilson (R.-S.C.)

"The confirmation process of Judge Samuel Alito revealed that he is a man well-suited to serve on our nation’s highest court. Day after day, he demonstrated his thorough knowledge of our Constitution and his sincere dedication to protecting the rights of all Americans.  When faced with partisan bickering and political posturing, he rose above the rhetoric and exemplified that he is a man of great
character and humility. I am pleased to congratulate Judge Alito and his family on this tremendous honor."

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Texas):

"Despite the obstacles, detours, and roadblocks thrown up by a handful of character assassins on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate has confirmed a quality judge and I look forward to seeing opinions authored by newly confirmed Justice Samuel Alito. It is also refreshing to see the Senate is putting Justices on the Supreme Court who understand its Constitutional role.”

Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa)

"The confirmation of Judge Alito today brought us closer to the beginning of the restoration of our Constitution and the beginning of the end of judicial activism. For years, our Constitutional rights have been diminished and even eliminated by judges who use their positions to impose laws on the American people rather than apply the law and Constitution to cases. The justices on the Supreme Court are given a lifetime appointment to serve a unique role that affects every American every day. Judge Alito is a Constitutional originalist. He has demonstrated his commitment to defending the text and original intent of our Constitution; anything less ultimately destroys the Constitution itself."

Rep. Chris Smith (R.-N.J.)

"I am pleased that another of New Jersey’s own will join the highest court in the land," said Smith, whose district includes Hamilton, New Jersey — where Alito was born and raised. "I believe that Justice Alito’s strong judicial record reveals that he is committed to applying the law as written and that he will make a strong addition to the Supreme Court of the United States. The dignified manner in which Justice Alito handled himself through this process stood in stark contrast to some of the comments that came from his opponents and he should be commended."