Ann Coulter Speaks, Crowd Erupts

Ann Coulter, Human Events legislative correspondent, was definitely Friday’s biggest draw at CPAC 2006. From the get-go the conservative columnist had the crowd cheering and was frequently interrupted by applause. Many of Coulter’s talking points came from recent news events — such as “the great Danish cartoon caper” and President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees.

“Muslims are the only group who kill because people call them violent,” she said of Islam’s rage over the printing of Muhammad cartoons.

Speaking about the nation’s highest court, Coulter not only expressed elation at Justice Samuel Alito’s confirmation, she also shared her feelings on Chief Justice John Roberts (“If John Roberts is a conservative —  and he appears to be — he was put on the Supreme Court by the Bush Administration completely by accident.”) and Harriet Miers, who she says was served with “a plate of cookies” by “Washington weenies.”

“Only because of a revolt against Miers were Republicans in Washington finally forced to face their worst nightmare: an out-of-closet conservative nominee to the Supreme Court,” Coulter said.

She had fun impersonating Sen. Hillary Clinton, mocking Clinton’s MLK Day remarks on “the slave plantation” in the House of Representatives, adding: “And you know what I’m talkin’ about, girlfriend.”

“I can say that by the way,” Coulter said. “My party freed the slaves.”

Democrats have three major planks, she explained: “Abortion on demand, gay marriage and banning the Boy Scouts. Someday they’ll find a way to combine them all and figure out how to abort all future Boy Scouts.”

Coulter closed by reminding Republicans what the GOP really stands for:

“We’re the party that defends human life in all its forms,” she said. “So don’t believe it when the same Washington weenies who gave us Harriet Miers, who ran like little girls from the Federalist’s Society, and who continually associate with Bill Clinton, come to you and say, ‘ We’ve got to run a pro-choice Republican if we’re going to be Hillary.’ That’s not our party.”

When she finished, Coulter was honored with a standing ovation courtesy of her conservative colleagues.