Extreme Environmentalism on Campus

College students in Arkansas take environmentalism to the next level.
KTHV-TV in Little Rock reports six Hendrix College students "are living in something considered an environmentally conscious house."

One student is actually making paper out of dryer lint. Yes, dryer lint!

The "six students have all decided it’s much easier to live together and share their love of saving the planet than to live in the dorms," according to KTHV-TV.

A professor says, "The purpose is to get students together who have a special interest in environmental projects; and when you live together in a space you can support each other and create a space for other people to be aware of the issues."

"If six college kids can do it, it’s not that hard. We don’t need to be a sustainable house, but just to prove it’s not too hard to go a little bit out of your way at first and make it part of your daily routine and it’s easy to keep up," says one student.

A little bit out of your way? I’m sorry, but making paper of out of dryer lint is a little extreme for my tastes.

The story doesn’t specifically mention if this project is for a grade or just for fun. Regardless, I do think these students are going about their environmental activism in the right way. Instead of imposing their extremist views on other students within the dorms or attempting to make school policies more environmentally friendly, these future leaders of Greenpeace International moved-into their own house to take-up their efforts without affecting anyone else.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if environmentalist in the real world worked like this?