Ignorant Professor Faces Opposition

Faculty members are waging war against a professor who denies the Holocaust.

Northwestern University Professor Arthur Butz recently supported statements made by Iran’s president calling the Holocaust a myth. And according to the Pennsylvania Independent his colleagues have had enough.

"’Butz’s Holocaust denial is an affront to our humanity and our standards as scholars, and hence mandates our censure,’ reads a letter signed by 60 members of the newly merged Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science."

The letter calls Butz’s actions an "extreme embarrassment," the article reports.

"We felt a certain special duty, being members of the department that he’s in, to assert that we in no way supported this man," said Uri Wilensky, one of the letter’s authors.
"…we felt, in fact, quite embarrassed that he’s tarnishing the reputation of our department."

The signed letter adds, "We urge him to leave our Department and our University and stop trading on our reputation for academic excellence."

The story goes on to say that the letter was published in the Forum page of The Spartan Daily and copies were also sent to school administrators and the Chicago Tribune.

Now, let’s see if school officials have the fortitude to oust this extremist or if they’ll support his gross ignorance under the guise of academic freedom.