Ridiculous Left-Wing Reviews

In an attempt to degrade and discredit David Horowitz’s new book The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, left-wingers (academics, most likely) have made their homepage where they continue to post scathing reviews of the book.

The Professors currently holds a three star rating out of five possible stars at But, liberals hope their persistent negative comments will lower that score and discourage others from buying and reading the book.

Here are some of the comments posted by left-wingers at

Note: it’s doubtful any of these comments came from an English Professor.

  • "This book is a steaming collection of unmitigated BS, lies, and more BS.,"
  • "After reading I found more:

– lying about liberal america
– racist themes
– lumping of people into convenient groups for Mr. Horowitz to bash
– more hate
– more vitiol

Save your money, buy something worthwhile"

  • "Horowitz, nothing to see here. A brief read standing in the stacks was all that was required for me to wish I could get back the 30 minutes I lost standing there reading."
  • "Buy it, then burn it. Horowitz has been confused for so long that he can’t remember when he began hating America."
  • "Just another bitter and miserable offering from Horowitz. More tedious claptrap from a miserable man with an axe to grind. These people aren’t going to stop until we put jesus and a fetus on the one dollar bill. Don’t buy this book, unless you know one professor in question, if so. Have them sing it for you. Have a laugh at the expense of bitter ole horowitz."

Actually, Horowitz couldn’t be happier. "The more they rant, the more people will hear about the book and buy it. Right now it’s in the top 100 books on Amazon (out of 3-4 million) in sales. Thank you comrades," he recently wrote on his website.

Now, those who enjoyed the book are battling back with their own book reviews at

  • "This is a book every American parent of college-age children should read before spending $150,000 to indoctrinate the next generation in the increasingly puerile postmodern degeneracy posing as pedagogy."
  • "As a teacher myself, I read through this book with great curiosity. I am just a high-school teacher, and not a mighty professor, but when I put this book down, I felt I could live my day. Who would want to be a "colleague" of the professors described in this book?"
  • "As a student who went to a school with two of the 101, I have to say that (contrary to some of the reviews) neither professor would be at all repentant about their points of view."
  • "Horowitz hangs the professors with their own words"

Left-wingers will continue to criticize The Professors — you can count on it. But, you can also count on Horowitz, Human Events U and the Network of College Conservatives to expose and report on the professors who preach their liberal agendas to our nation’s youth.