David Gregory's Last Straw

NBC White House correspondent David Gregory can’t keep himself out of the news—but it appears that he likes it that way.

Two weeks ago, it was Gregory’s antics in the White House press room—calling spokesman Scott McClellan “a jerk”—that landed him in hot water (and, although NBC won’t admit it, got him expelled briefly for bad behavior).

Today comes another episode of Gregory’s absurd behavior. While chatting (at least that was the intent) with Don Imus this morning, Gregory managed to make a fool out of himself—sounding like a silly drunk. Although he’s traveling with President Bush, so we don’t know for sure if he was hitting the bottle too hard, anyone who watches the video or listens to the audio can tell something is not normal with his behavior.

The question now seems to be: Will NBC take formal disciplinary action against it’s White House correspondent?

We’re calling them right now to see. Stay tuned.

UPDATE — 11:42 a.m.: A spokewoman for NBC News told HUMAN EVENTS’ Mandy Stoltzfus that she had just arrived at the office and hadn’t seen the Imus program. She promised to return our call once she was up to speed.

UPDATE — 12:03 p.m.: HUMAN EVENTS’ Mandy Stoltzfus just got off the phone with Barbara Levin at NBC News. Here’s a transcript of their conversation.

Levin: Do you listen to Imus? I mean this is what Imus does. I would just say my reaction is that this is an absurd accusation. Of course, David Gregory wasn’t drinking.

Stoltzfus: OK, so you don’t think disciplinary action will be taken?

Levin: Of course not! Imus jokes, that’s what he does on the air.

Stoltzfus: So you don’t think he was drunk?

Levin: No, of course not!

UPDATE — 2:01 p.m.: Ian Schwartz at Expose the Left, who has video of the Imus show, says he doesn’t think Gregory was drunk. "To be honest, he sounded more high than drunk," Schwartz said. "He was laughing, not much slurring. But the bottom line is he was on something."

UPDATE — 2:10 p.m.: I’m hearing that the domain name is no longer available for purchase. Watch out, David, you’re on shaky ground.