Feingold for Wiretapping, Just Not When Bush Does It

John Kerry, the 2004 Presidential nominee and ultimate flip-flopper must have started a trend. In fact, it’s not a trend, it’s the single-most used strategy of the Democratic Party.

And now potential 2008 Presidential candidate Russ Feingold is testing it out.

In a report from the Associated Press Feingold, the lone Democrat who is calling for censure of President Bush for his domestic wiretapping program, said he supports wiretapping terrorists.

The AP reported that Feingold said, "If you were on the phone with an al-Qaida person, I support your being wiretapped, all the time, for a long time."

Except when the President doesn’t get his permission slip signed from Congress. ”We cannot allow the president of the United States to break the law,” he said. ”Censure is a quick way to solve the problem. Pass a resolution. It’s over."

For Feingold and the rest of the Party it would be over, but with the added benefit of the taking the President out to the proverbial woodshed to spank him in front of the media for some applause from their disgruntled base.

But since when do we punish  people for doing things we agree with?