Celebrate Bluey Day

Lately activity on my Google Alert for “Bluey” has picked up thanks to the annual Bluey Day fundraiser in Australia.

All the money raised for Bluey Day goes to sick children—those grappling with cancer and other serious illnesses. The lighthearted event involves police, firefighters and other emergency workers’ shaving their heads.

Here’s a report from the Daily Liberal (what a name!) of Dubbo:

“It’s an emergency service initiative to raise money for kids with cancer and other illnesses,” said Central Coast firefighter Bill Maclean. “The target for the trip was $10,000 and we made $18,000 so we’re absolutely over the moon. “About $2 000 of that was from Dubbo alone.” The group also used the visit to recruit more support for ‘Bluey’s Day’ from local firefighters and policemen. They spent Friday evening playing lawn bowls at Dubbo City Bowling Club with members of the Dubbo Police and Fire Squad.

For those of you wondering why I’m writing about this, no reason in particular. The fundraiser isn’t named after me or my family. You see, in Australia, a “Bluey” is someone with blue eyes. Bluey Day got its name from a mascot, “Copper Bluey,” whose image I’ve supplied for you enjoyment.