Top 10 Reasons Joe Schwarz Must Go

Reprinted with permission from RedState.

Today is Election Day in Michigan and we are hoping Tim Walberg wins. Walberg is a pro-life tax cutting Republican who will work to reduce government and encourage the free market. Here is our list of the Top 10 reasons why incumbent Rep. Joe Schwarz must go.

10. Schwarz opposes ANWR drilling

9. Schwarz supports government-subsidized Viagra

8. Schwarz is wrong on marriage; he supports same-sex marriage

7. Schwarz is wrong on private property; he supports the Kelo v. New London decision

6. Schwarz is a tax-and-spend liberal

5. Schwarz is pro-choice; he’s being backed by Planned Parenthood and other liberal pro-abortion groups

4. Schwarz is anti-free speech; he voted for BCRA and against protecting blogs from the FEC

3. Schwarz is a hypocrite; having voting for BCRA, he violated it to try to win this campaign

2. Schwarz is a tax hiker; he’s on record willing to repeal the President’s tax cuts

1. It will send a message to Republican leaders in Congress

For the past two years, Republicans have governed in the Joe Schwarz mould. They have expanded government, expanded spending, and otherwise ignored the GOP’s conservative base. In fact, conservatives, who are the largest part of the GOP base, have been dumped on, ignored, and shoved aside in favor of politicians like Joe Schwarz.

Republicans in Congress will not get the message if they lose the majority — they’ll blame conservatives. Republicans in Congress will get the message if we take a stand in Republican primaries and start tossing liberals. Let’s send this wake up call today.