Fanatical Islam's Marriage to Red China

The plot of a grade B sci-fi movie put the good guys between two warring groups — Aliens vs. Predators — that previously had starring roles in separate movies. Aliens devoured their hosts from within, while Predators used high-tech weapons to kill humanity. Not to press a silly example too far, but it looks like Aliens (fascist Islam) have established a temporary truce with Predators (the leaders of the People’s Liberation Army).

As the sane world watches Iranian leadership develop nukes, world-altering events are in the making. Fanatical Islam has temporarily entered into a marriage of convenience with People’s Republic of China Communist dictators. This is bad.

On an intellectual level above a simple movie, the great Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, created lines that will echo through out history. In his work, “The Second Coming,” he proclaims “the center cannot hold” because “[t]he best lack all convection, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” In the context of the war against Islamic fascists, who are aided and abetted by the rulers of the PRC, the worst are truly full of “passionate intensity.” But in our battle for a just, fair and safe existence, the best still have convection. It is as President Bush accurately proclaims a passionate convection in the power of freedom and democracy. Even America’s loyal opposition agrees on this point.

The citizens of a very powerful alliance — the United States, England, Japan, India, Israel and Australia — all have a foundation built on the most powerful long-term force in the world: a free press and the vote.

That is why our common enemy will ultimately lose, because their fundamental beliefs are in inherent conflict. Our center will hold, while this bizarre historical anomaly between the PRC’s questing for oil and Iran’s questing for PRC weapons has run it course. Behind the façade, the PRC and Islam are already at war.

Even though the second largest mosque in the world is in China, the majority of adherents to non-violent Islamic beliefs have been lumped in with the crazies. All followers of the Koran are viewed with hostile PRC police-state eyes. The PRC leadership is taking no chances.

In excellent reporting a few years ago by English journalist Geoffrey York in the Globe and Mail, he captured the perfect pitch of the PLA attitude toward those following the Koran in China. “The Uyghurs people (Chinese Muslims) are wild and rude,” a PLA general explained, but not to worry because “Chinese culture is much stronger.” It also helps that laws enforcing no beards, veils or carrying the Koran is enforced with typical police state tactics using informers and keeping the People’s Armed Police on stand-by for population control.

Much like the poor oppressed Tibetans, Chinese followers of Islam (estimates vary between 20 million to 200 million) are in direct conflict with the state. Unlike the Tibetans, the Uyghurs and other ethic minorities who follow the tenets of Islam do not have Hollywood on their side.

The leadership of Iran wants to destroy Jews and Christians alike. Even without Hollywood and the world press alerting us, it is only a matter of time before Islamic leaders will come to the realization they have to convert China or put it to the Sword. Yikes!

Concurrently, but under the radar China has already come to the conclusion Islam is a threat to the state and is responding with its usual draconian police state tactics. It will be a nasty morning after for both partners.

While many a tough moment is yet to come, and great challenges confront us, countries founded on freedom and democracy will prevail and the center will hold.

This column is dedicated to professor Constantine Menges, who left us all way too soon. He knew the awesome power of democracy.