President Bush Must Skip Communist Olympics

It’s all the rage to say, “Our GOP has lost its way.” It’s quite beyond dispute, for the truth remains the truth. 

Yet the stock recitation of selected symptoms — spending, Iraq, Katrina, etc… — omits a sinister affliction consuming the heirs of Lincoln and Reagan. The ravenous malady eclipsing our honor is this:

Republicans coddle communist China.

No starker episode exhibits our anile need for a moral hospice before we slither into the dust bin of history than the one playing out before Americans’ astonished eyes. Legacy building with the urgency of a dying Pharaoh staring at an unfinished Sphinx, George Walker Bush is bent upon being the first U.S. President to attend a foreign nation’s Olympics. The nation in question is communist China, the shock troops of which are presently bludgeoning Tibetan Monks as if they were orange bathrobed baby seals. (One shudders at the prospect this Tibetan repression is the Chi-coms’ sedulous sally into Olympic demonstration sports.)

Notwithstanding the Global Generation’s remaining misanthropes’ unsophisticated quibbling (i.e., me and mine), our Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief has eagerly RSVP’ed to the communist dictatorship’s dramatic recreation of the Berlin Olympics.  Given “The Decider’s” resolve, hope dims we might disabuse his whimsy that watching a wobbling discus with the wanton butchers of Tiananmen Square can advance the sacred cause of human freedom. But we are duty-bound to the endeavor, lest as “history with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past” she finds us fallen from the ranks of honor.

Perhaps we could appeal to our President’s historical sensibilities by reminding the Leader of the Free World that attending this evil regime’s games will forever stain his legacy by depicting him as calloused to the subjugation of Tibet and sundry other communist abominations. Really, how would this generation of Americans esteem Franklin Roosevelt — no slouch at setting Presidential precedents — had he not let the cup of the Berlin Olympics pass from his nicotine stained lips and, instead, pursed them into a smirk with Der Fuerher for Leni Riefenstahl’s lens.

Yes, this assumes Mr. Bush worries he may one day be regarded by posterity in the manner William Manchester recalled a discredited generation of sophisticated British “statesmen,” save one:

“And as (Churchill’s) debts mounted and his gloom deepened, England’s indebtedness to Stanley Baldwin rose…in his final deed for the homeland, he joined Chamberlain in telling Tory MPs that if they felt they must deplore totalitarianism and aggression, they must not name names. It was important, he said, to avoid ‘the danger of referring directly to Germany at a time when we are trying to get on terms with that country.’ Fleet Street cheered. So did Britain.  These were men of peace.” 

In fairness, they were also the jackasses who paved a second road to Hell.

If such an appeal to history’s verdict proves fruitless, we could remind our Commander-in-Chief communist China is:

Arming our enemies;
Engaging in espionage against us, including the use of cyber warfare;
Subjugating Tibet;
Abetting genocide in the Sudan;
Compelling a “One Child Policy” and forcing abortions amongst its people;
Committing predatory trade practices against us;
Denying their people’s God-given human rights;
Subverting sovereign democracies;
Supporting their fellow dictatorships; and, generally,
Being an unsporting bastion of tyranny. 

Could this partial recounting of the rogue regime’s transgressions against our nation and others prove to the President that attending the communist Chinese Olympics will subvert the moral authority of his position as the Leader of the Free World — a Free World which, along with the world’s oppressed, will be watching and weighing his participation?

Could this enumeration of grievances against the Chi-coms help the Chief Executive glean that the President of the United States cannot attend these games as a passive spectator?  (This is, after all, why the Chi-coms invited him.)

Could such a factual exposition convince Mr. Bush that attending their Olympics will reinforce our foreign policy “experts’” suicidal communist China “exception” and, in the event, make President Bush’s political statement thus: “The United States is devoted to the self-evident truth every human being is endowed by their creator with the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — except in communist China”?

Given these right reasons, would the President reconsider, for the sake of our free republic’s sovereign citizens; and for the sake all the world’s enslaved and oppressed who, yearning to breathe free, believe our nation remains their beacon of liberty and bastion of hope?

Thus ends our lesson in rhetorical questions.

Ever the political masochist, I once circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter to President Bush positing much of the above and requesting he not attend communist China’s Olympics. Only a handful of brave souls signed my entreaty; undaunted, in September 2007 the missive flew. Certain I had affixed the correct address of Mr. Bush’s taxpayer-subsidized housing, I am saddened to report he has not replied to this Congressional correspondence with the alacrity he did the Chi-coms’ Olympic invite.

As the Year of the Rat scurries toward the opening ceremonies, however, I and my anti-communist ilk have not been idle. On April 1, I introduced H.R. 5668, which would bar any United States government official from attending the Beijing games’ ceremonies.  (Importantly, this legislation does not impact our athletes.) Oh, I know H.R. 5668 requires the President’s signature or a Congressional over-ride of his veto to become law. Still, while it may not persuade the President to be “unavoidably otherwise occupied elsewhere in the world” during the communist Chinese Olympics, it will meet our moral imperative to our posterity, our country, and the cruel muse of History:

For when, once again, history’s flickering lamp illumes our aged cheeks and strews her lengthening shadows across our fleeting existence, she will avow how the supporters of H.R. 5668 did “march always in the ranks of honor.”

Pray she finds Republicans amongst them.