The Ultimate Man knows the 10 cocktails every gentleman should know how to make. One of those drinks is the typhoon. Do you know how to make a typhoon?

How to make a Typhoon:

Ingredients:  1 ounce gin, I ounce Anisette, 1 ounce lime juice, Champagne
Preparation: Shake Gin, Anisette, and lime juice with ice; strain into a cocktail glass over ice; fill glass with chilled champagne and stir lightly.

More Ultimate Man Trivia:

What are the 10 mixed drinks every Ultimate Man should know how to make?

1. Bloody Mary
2. Margarita
3. Martini
4. Old-Fashioned
5. Tom Collins
6. Mint Julep
7. White Russian
8. Manhattan
9. Typhoon
10. Whiskey Sour

Did we miss one?  Tell us the drinks you think every Ultimate Man should know how to make.

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