Unlike Obama, YAF-Backed Conservatives Remember Fall of Berlin Wall

For a President who has played golf more than any other sitting U.S. President, used taxpayer dollars to fly to Copenhagen to plead for holding the Olympics in Chicago, and to go on date nights to New York City, it’s strange he didn’t bother to visit Berlin November 9 for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall — a historic moment that crystallized the failures of Socialist governments. Maybe he was worried his visit would remind Americans about failed Socialist policies similar to those he is backing within his own administration.

Thankfully, more than 115 campuses across the United States participated in Young America’s Foundation’s Freedom Week to ensure that their peers don’t forget the lessons learned from the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Young America’s Foundation’s Freedom Week was inspired by World Freedom Day. President George W. Bush created World Freedom Day on Nov. 9, 2001, to recognize freedom’s victory over tyranny with the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9, 1989.

Although the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the freedom of millions of people from authoritarian rule, more than two billion people still live under oppressive regimes. World Freedom Day encourages Americans to support those who seek to lead their people toward freedom and out of oppression. From Burma to Cuba, North Korea to Sudan, citizens of many countries still suffer under repressive governments.

This year, Freedom Week was needed more than ever. Even though Marxist and Socialist ideas have been soundly repudiated, leftists on college campuses still fervently preach these ideas. Schools readily teach courses on Marx, but it’s rare to find a course that fairly reviews the ideas of Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek or Ludwig Von Mises. Instead, students can take courses such as Taking Marx Seriously (Amherst College) and other politically correct classes readily available on most college campuses.

The Obama administration is intent on increasing government control over our lives, and the mainstream media are all too ready to repeat his collectivist mantra. This steady indoctrination from professors, the media and the Obama administration has resulted in an increasing skepticism of capitalism among young people. A Rasmussen survey showed that 33% of young people prefer socialism over capitalism and 30% are undecided.

To celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, activists on college campuses built replica walls to draw attention to the fact that they don’t want government taking a greater role in their lives. To rally against the Obama administration’s efforts to do so, students tore down mock Berlin Walls at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time — which is exactly when the wall opened in Berlin 20 years ago.

Young America’s Foundation armed these young activists with free posters and fliers to assist them with their Freedom Week initiatives. One poster was titled “Reject Oppressive Socialist Ideas, Embrace Freedom.” It features these words: “People Murdered by Progressive Socialist Movements: 100,000,000 — People Freed from Communist Tyranny by Ronald Reagan and Worldwide Freedom Movements: 425,574,817”

Another foundation poster titled “Got Milk? Got Blankets? Got Anything?” informs young people that, while the former USSR was supposedly developed to “fairly” and “equally” allocate resources, such mass distribution led only to shortages and starvation. The poster carries a photo of a woman in a Soviet store whose shelves are completely unstocked.

Another important part of Freedom Week was Veterans Day. Thousands of servicemen and women are proudly serving to defend America despite the Obama Administration’s efforts to undermine our advances against radical jihadists. Conservatives showed their support for our troops through an activity called the “Security Wake-Up Call,” which encouraged students to put leaflets under dorm room doors explaining that it is the United States military that guarantees them a peaceful night’s sleep.

Young America’s Foundation’s Freedom Week was a clarion call for all who care about liberty.