New Editor to Lead New Era for HUMAN EVENTS

Eagle Publishing today announced the appointment of Jason Mattera as the new Editor of HUMAN EVENTS.  Mattera, 26, is a leader in the emerging field of interactive journalism.  He is believed to be the youngest editor of any major national publication. 

“Given his youth, we recognize Jason’s appointment may seem a bit surprising, but only if you don’t know him,” stated Joe Guerriero, VP/Group Publisher of Eagle Publishing’s GeoPolitical Division, which includes HUMAN EVENTS.  Guerriero went on, “Jason’s ability to understand what is truly important, not just repeat D.C.’s echo chamber, plus his unique ability to put facts into understandable, interesting–and even fun–stories and videos is remarkable.  His wisdom and talents are far beyond his years.” 

Founded in 1944, Capitol Hill-based HUMAN EVENTS has been heralded as the “Bible of the Right” and is relied on by conservative activists around the country as the straight-shooting source for conservative news and commentary.  “I am honored to work with HUMAN EVENTS,” noted Mattera.  “HUMAN EVENTS’S history, Eagle’s forward-thinking leadership, and a conservative movement bursting with energy make this an opportunity I would be crazy to pass up.  I can’t wait to get started.”

Mattera, most recently known for his new bestseller, Obama Zombies:  How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation (Simon & Schuster/Threshold), will join HUMAN EVENTS on April 12.  Working with long time Editor in Chief, Tom Winter, Mattera will supervise HUMAN EVENTS and  He will also have significant involvement with Eagle’s other political periodicals and websites, such as, The Newt Gingrich Letter, and Guns & Patriots.

Mattera was previously a leader at Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a large conservative non-profit organization known for its National Journalism Center, campus-speaker’s organization, and ownership of the Reagan Ranch.  “In my many years at YAF, I have had the opportunity to work with many rising stars, and Jason Mattera is definitely among the brightest,” proclaimed Ron Robinson, YAF President.  “HUMAN EVENTS is lucky to have him.”

Michelle Malkin, best-selling author and popular blogger/journalist remarked, “I congratulate Jason, and commend my friends at HUMAN EVENTS for recognizing such an amazing talent.  Jason is an exciting game changer.  He’s sharp as a tack and knows how to present policy discussions as entertaining and effective news stories.  Jason will be an invigorating and inspirational editor who won’t just lead HUMAN EVENTS in writing headlines — but in making headlines.”

Andrew Breitbart, founder of,, and remarked, “It is utterly refreshing to see a young journalist with Jason’s intellect and feel for the zeitgeist have an opportunity to inject new energy into one of the old stalwart publications of the conservative movement.  Anything Jason does is done well.  I can’t wait to read the new HUMAN EVENTS.”

Ann Coulter, best-selling author and popular commentator, had a one-word comment when asked what she thought of Jason Mattera, “Brilliant!”