Postcards from the Energy Edge

Remember back in 1992 when then President George Herbert Walker Bush was viewed as out of touch with the average American because he didn’t know the exact price of a loaf of bread or gallon of milk?

Everything old is new again, but this time with actual consequences.

Today, President Obama jets around the world on Air Force One appearing oblivious to the real-world energy issues that rank and file Americans face.  This writer does not begrudge the President — any President — the energy resources required to go about his workaday tasks. 

I would, however, ask any President to do the same for the American people.

Gasoline prices are approaching $3 per gallon as Americans brace for summer impact. 

Yet the energy priority for the Obama administration is a national energy tax through legislation if possible or through regulation if they can find no other way.

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is just getting warmed up, sidestepping the pesky failure of cap and trade carbon tax legislation and enacting restrictions on surface coal mining contained in the failed bill. 

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson admits that very few if any surface mining operations will be able to meet the new EPA standards.

Of course, mining companies are already filing suit against this industry-killing action.

The EPA has also announced another “study” of the effects of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water.  “Fracking,” as it’s called, is the method of pumping 99% fresh water, small quantities of light sand and even smaller amounts of friction restrictors deep into the ground under high pressure, thousands of feet below the water tables.  The water is recovered from the ground and pumped into tanks. 

This process creates small fractures in hard shale rock that release natural gas into a well.

The process has been used in various forms for over 50 years without one incident of drinking water contamination.  Prior EPA studies by the Clinton administration in 1995 and the Bush administration in 2004 have delivered this finding.

But never before has the study been done by an EPA bursting at the seams with far-left radicals empowered by the administration to run the independent oil and gas industry out of business. 

Expensive over-regulation of the small oil and gas independents that produce, own and operate 90% of America’s oil and gas wells will kill off the one “clean energy” transition fuel that environmentalist whackos claim to prefer.  Of course, there isn’t yet a fuel to transition to, but no matter — now they want to kill off the transition fuel anyway.

Natural gas prices are the same or below what they were 25 years ago. Domestic reserves can provide hundreds of years of clean, American-grown energy and thousands of new high-paying American jobs.

It’s cheap, it’s clean and it’s abundant.  But the Obama administration by its actions will kill the ability to produce natural gas in America in any tangible way.

America’s economy can’t run on windmills and sunbeams.

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), top Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee, is attempting to introduce President Obama to “American Natural Gas” through a “President Obama Travels the World but Leaves U.S. Energy Behind” series of postcards.  The latest in the series was “sent” to the President in Prague:

Dear Mr. President:

After your announcement last week to block the vast majority of OCS for oil and natural gas production, I don’t blame you for getting out of town for awhile — especially when 72% of Americans favor offshore drilling.

While in Prague, ask how they enjoy importing 55% of their natural gas.  Being dependent on foreign countries for natural gas can be problematic — you should know that because the U.S. is forced to import natural gas from terrorist laden countries like Yemen.  This is so unnecessary — I’m right here… ready, willing and able to help.  It doesn’t make any sense that your OCS plan would prevent me from increasing our energy security and creating jobs.

I think you and I need to spend some quality time together — I know after you get to know me, you’ll like me as much as everyone else.

Patiently Awaiting Your Attention,
American Natural Gas

To view the entire series of postcards, please visit the House Natural Resources Committee Republican website.