Gore Family Imploding

Just one week after the shocking news that Al and Tipper Gore are splitting after 40 years of marriage, their eldest daughter Karenna Gore is separating from her husband Dr. Andrew Schiff. The couple was married at the Washington National Cathedral in 1997 with a lavish reception afterwards at the vice president’s official mansion.


Also, the Gore’s second daughter, writer Kristin Gore was divorced last year after only four years of marriage. Third daughter Sarah Gore has been married almost three years. Son Al Gore III is single and has been out of the public eye since pleading guilty in 2007 for drug possession after being pulled over for speeding in his Toyota Prius.

Vice President Gore’s official Christmas card in 1997 was a photo of his children on Karenna’s wedding day. By 2010, five of the seven family members in the photo are separated or divorced.

Al and Tipper’s divorce details are still sketchy. Al was in the Philippines this week and was photographed still wearing his wedding ring. Meanwhile, the $8.8 million house in tony Montecito, Calif., which the Gores bought in late April is going to be the post-split single-lady home for Tipper, according to The New York Daily News.

Sarah Palin Breast Implants?

Rumors that conservative Republican Sarah Palin had breast implants have swirled since she was photographed at the Belmont Stakes in a white T-shirt appearing more voluptuous than normal. The jury is out on whether or not Palin had surgery or the T-shirt revealed more of her curves that the public has seen in her normal conservative outfits. Real or fake, Sarah Palin has a fantastic figure for a 46-year old mother of five.

Elton John Bashed for Rush Limbaugh Wedding

Gay groups are publically bashing singer Elton John for performing at Rush Limbaugh’s fourth wedding last weekend. Elton John, who is openly gay, was paid $1 million to sing at the Palm Beach wedding. The headline of the Village Voice story on the wedding was “Elton John Whored At Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding.”

The gay rights group questions if “Sir Elton has any qualms whatsoever about taking a wad of cold hard cash from a conservative commentator who has demonized the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] community and its allies at nearly every opportunity.” The Advocate points out that Rush is an “opponent of marriage equality, while John is in a civil union with his partner, David Furnish.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey Drama

The stars of the fabulous, train-wreck Bravo TV reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” are more entertaining off-air recently. Best known for flipping a table at co-star Danielle, Teresa Giudice filed for bankruptcy with $11 million in debts.

During the show’s first season, Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice moved into their 10,500 square-foot McMansion and spent $2,000 in cash in one ten-minute shopping spree for children’s clothes. However, the mother of four daughters claims their debts are due to the economic recession, but she does not explain the connection between the economic recession and her outstanding debts of nearly $20,000 on Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus credit cards. Teresa told People magazine that the family “looked to the Bankruptcy Court for a ‘fresh start.’”

Danielle Staub, who Teresa called a “prostitution whore” in the table flipping scene, has a sex tape that Hustler is releasing next week. Danielle claims unconvincingly that the tape was stolen, but most believe she leaked the tape herself for publicity. When TMZ caught her outside a Starbucks and asked if she would fight the release of the tape, she said no because “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Danielle is the mother of two teenage girls, one who is already a professional model. 

Friday Night Lights Grassroots Campaign for an Emmy Award

The NBC show “Friday Night Lights”—which is loosely based on the real life Permian High School in Odessa, Tex.—is known for its realistic and patriotic portrayal of small town Americans. In its fourth season, the show has a loyal fan following who have fought to keep it on the air (one season only on DirecTV) and are now campaigning for the show to win an Emmy award for best drama. 

The campaign for the Emmy for FNL is being run in magazines, websites, and now, created with my fellow fans, a Facebook page: “Friday Night Lights Deserves the EMMY Award.” If we could get the National Enquirer eligible for a Pulitzer Prize, we can get the Hollywood elite who never go to a red state to finally recognize that Friday Night Lights deserve the Emmy award this year. Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN’T LOSE!

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