Obama's Secret Link to Hamas

This is the second installment of a five-part series on how Barack Obama is America’s number one threat to national security.

Despite President Obama’s speech last week praising our brave men and women in uniform, the ugly truth is that our president is more comfortable cozying up with pro-terror activists than pro-military groups. In fact, Obama has a disturbing history with activists who support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and more.

At the time I left my position in the Clinton White House I certainly couldn’t have imagined we’d elect anyone more inept than Bill Clinton. Nor could I have predicted that just seven years after we’d been attacked and gone to war, we’d elect the most radical left-wing president in our nation’s history.  Few seem to have noticed, until recently, that Barack Obama is inclined to dispense with the key precepts our forefathers valued: a robust defense of American sovereignty and our national interest for one; limited government for another; fiscal prudence for a third.

Similarly, few seem to have noticed that our new president is the most radical president in American history, with views more often associated with left-wing banana republic dictators than with a president of the United States. 

While many Democrats are naturally inclined to support “peace movements,” how many have embraced the support, as Obama did, of Jodie Evans of Code Pink whose group not only supports our nation’s enemies in time of war but has made it policy to besmirch our nation’s servicemen and their families to the point of holding cruel and belittling protests at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center?

Don’t know Jodie Evans? President Obama does…and you need to as well. And I carefully document their relationship in Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying the Military and Endangering Our Security.

Barack Obama’s first major event after announcing his long-shot run for the presidency in February 2007 was a Hollywood fundraiser co-hosted by Jodie Evans that elevated him into the national  spotlight.  Evans successfully pulled together the rich and the radical in Los Angeles and Obama was on his way to eventual election to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But Evans is not just a skilled fundraiser with big time connections in the entertainment industry.  She is a radical left-wing activist devoted to gutting our military and supporting our nation’s enemies. Since 9/11, Evans and Code Pink have set their sights squarely on the U.S. military and damaging America’s war against Islamist terrorism. They’ve been at the forefront of an anti-war effort seeking to systematically undermine the American military and bring about defeat for American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just a few weeks prior to her Hollywood shindig for Obama, for example, Evans and her Code Pink sisters were in Havana conspiring with Fidel Castro and his government seeking ways to pressure the Bush Administration into releasing the terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. Evans doesn’t draw the line at snuggling up with some of the world’s vilest dictators and despots.
She’s also forged close relationships with  murderous terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Sunni insurgents in Iraq, and, the patriarch of all terror organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Barack Obama isn’t deterred however.  Rather than distance himself from Evans and Code Pink, he has embraced her support.  He even appointed Evans to be a key “bundler” for his campaign where she collected more than $50,000 in donations for the future president.

The Obama campaign must have been well aware of Evans’ past, because the anti-American efforts of Evans and Code Pink are legion.  In February 2003, with American troops massing for the imminent invasion of Iraq, Evans’ Code “Pinkos” traveled to Baghdad to meet with Saddam Hussein’s government in an attempt to gain international support for the Iraqi dictator.

In July 2003, with American men and women fighting and dying to liberate Iraq, Evans joined the Advisory Board for the Iraq Occupation Watch (I.O.W.) who opened an office in Baghdad..  The charter of the I.O.W. was to prevent America’s efforts to oust Saddam Hussein by demoralizing the U.S. troops through encouraging widespread desertions and conjuring up false accounts of war crimes.   Evans’ role model might have been her close friend Jane Fonda, who visited Communist North Vietnam in 1972 and similarly encouraged American troops to desert.

Perhaps most egregiously, Evans and her associates also delivered more than $600,000 in cash and “humanitarian aid” to the insurgents fighting and killing U.S. Marines and soldiers engaged in bloody house-to-house combat in Fallujah in December 2004.  Shockingly, Evans’ entourage received logistical support from elected American politicians. In order to successfully deliver aid and comfort to America’s enemy, the women of Code Pink carried letters of support and diplomatic courtesy from Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman of California.

Evans and Code Pink aren’t satisfied simply with undermining America and our military abroad. Some of their most vicious and unconscionable behavior occurs here at home. Since the inception of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, Evans’ Code Pink has routinely staged protests outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. Walter Reed is the primary convalescent home for wounded soldiers returning from battle.
Positioning themselves directly in front of the hospital’s main entrance, Code Pink held signs proclaiming the injured troops were “Maimed for a Lie.” Recovering soldiers and their families were forced to walk through gauntlets lined with mock caskets and placards reading, among other things, “Enlist here to die for Halliburton.”

Obama probably didn’t have wounded soldiers in mind when in September 2008 he tapped Evans for another Hollywood fundraiser, this one a $28,500 per plate event held at the historic Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills.  Two weeks after the Hollywood fundraiser, Evans traveled to New York to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York.  A few weeks after Obama’s election in November of 2008, Evans and Code pink traveled to Tehran at the personal invitation of Ahmadinejad. Evans represented a one-woman Hollywood to Obama to Ahmadinejad axis.

That same October, Evans participated in another Obama fundraiser, this one in San Francisco which drew more than 900 attendees and netted more than $5 million. Just a few weeks before the blockbuster Bay Area fundraiser, Evans and members of Code Pink visited Afghanistan and met with members of the Taliban. Her mission: to deliver a message personally from the Taliban to the president. That occurred at the fundraiser.

In December 2009, Evans and Obama friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, traveled to Gaza to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to Palestinian activists in Hamas-controlled Gaza. According to the official Code Pink website the security for and safety of the travelers was “guaranteed” by members of Hamas. Code Pink’s mission in support of America’s enemies came with the support of official letters from Democrat Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Democrat Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana.

No, Evans isn’t just a money person for Obama or a sycophant, she’s an ideological soul mate and indicative of the anti-military and anti-American radicals that our president and commander-in-chief has chosen to surround himself with.