Obama Tax Hikes in Place; Democrats Vote to Adjourn

House Republican Leader John Boehner excoriated Democrats for voting to adjourn until after the elections without a vote to halt the Obama tax hikes.  The vote to adjourn was 210-209.

Democrat leadership nearly lost the vote as 39 Democrats broke with their party leaders to vote with Republicans against adjournment, with 14 members not voting.  The vote by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) broke the tie.

Boehner says Republicans and renegade Democrats have the votes in the House and Senate to stop the Obama tax hikes for everyone, including job creators.

“We have the votes in both the House and Senate to extend all of the current tax rates,” Boehner said.  “It’s irresponsible for them to leave town without giving us a fair, up or down vote.  They’re turning their backs on the American people and they’re ignoring the American people.  This is no way to run the people’s House.”