Wisconsin Students: Dunces and Dupes

There are a whole lot of adolescents in Wisconsin who need to get smacked back to reality.  They’ve been lobotomized, and you can thank the thuggish teachers union for that.
What’s been happening on the ground in Wisconsin is shameful on so many different levels.

First, we have labor activists and leftist agitators acting like complete animals over a proposal to have non-safety government sectors pay a slither of their health care and pension costs.  It seems these ne’er-do-wells think private employees should put in a hard day’s work to pay for some public employee’s retirement plan.
Then you have the absolutely asinine, hysterical, and inexcusable placards the Left trotted out comparing Gov. Scott Walker with deposed Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak and genocidal mass murderer Adolf Hitler—because baking Jews in an oven is so like making teachers contribute 12.6 instead of 6% to their medical bill.
Gird your loins, Poland.  Governor Walker’s slogan:  “Bringing about fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin today, invading and enslaving Warsaw tomorrow!”
But as if those displays on the part of the Left weren’t bad enough, how about the fact that many teachers encouraged their students to march with them and trash Walker’s budget proposal publicly?  Apparently, because many Wisconsin schoolteachers ditched the classroom to protest (and got a fraudulent doctor’s note to boot), the students did the same.
And these students, admittedly, have no idea what they’re actually protesting.  The MacIver Institute, a free-market think tank based in Wisconsin, asked high school students in attendance why, in fact, were they jumping around in the streets.
“I guess we’re protesting today,” admitted one clueless female.
Another male student added:  “We’re trying to stop whatever this dude is doing.”
(See the video):

Ah, yes.  That certainly clarifies Wisconsin’s deficit problem:  “We’re trying to stop whatever this dude is doing.”

And that “dude” wasn’t the only high school student in the crowd who needs a tutor.
Other students erupted in the mindless chant of “What’s disgusting?  Union busting,” shouted from a ceremonial 1960s bullhorn no less.

(See the video):

And the students who weren’t shepherded off to a protest by their teachers were instead treated to school-wide forums on how “unfairly” the unions are being targeted in Wisconsin.
“I didn’t get into education to be wealthy.  I went into education because I care about kids and I love what I do.  This week is the first time I said to myself, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ ” said Tina Wright, a middle school teacher who was summoned to speak to the students at Southwestern High School in Hazel Green.  “I’m really thinking about leaving teaching, because you can’t continue to be bashed all the time and to be blamed for the economic woes of Wisconsin.”
Wright also told the student body that her protest attire consisted of a “pharaoh-style” hat while she carryed a sign that read, “Protest like an Egyptian.”
Now the facts:  Government workers cost the states $40.10 per hour in wage and benefits, while workers in the private sector only cost on average $27.88 per hour.  In case you’re doing the math, which you should be, that’s a 44% difference.
Tina Wright can relax.  Walker isn’t asking her to eat cat food each night for dinner.
The cruel irony of using adolescents as social justice props in this Wisconsin battle is that if the lavish union subsidies are not curbed, it is the students who will suffer—fewer teachers (no money for them) and an economically depressed state where jobs are about as likely as Michael Bloomberg doing PSAs for the National Rifle Association.
But union bosses don’t care about the kids.  They’d rather molest young minds with leftist agitprop and leave that generation with the tab of their profligacy.