George Soros: Demagoat

[This article was originally published as the cover story for the March 28th issue of HUMAN EVENTS newspaper.]

While the liberal and mainstream media get in a tizzy about who they deem as conspiratorial figures on the right such as Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and, most recently, the Koch Brothers, they often ignore a more shadowy figure who seems to have his tentacles in nearly every progressive organization and cause that seeks to undermine the American way of life.

Indeed, George Soros has given millions of dollars to leftist causes, including, which ran an ad that mockingly referred to General David Petraeus as “General Betray Us,” National Public Radio, which in recent years ran programming mocking the Tea Party movement and made light of Michelle Malkin’s missing cousin. Soros also funds Media Matters, an organization that tries to find a right-wing boogeyman in every word uttered by the center-right; he also funds the Center For American Progress, which is the hub of often left-wing, statist policies advanced by the Obama Administration, and America Coming Together (ACT), a liberal 527 organization that seeks to get liberals to the polls.

HUMAN EVENTS conducted a poll during the week of March 14 to select the ultimate Demagoat — the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country and our readers chose George Soros. HUMAN EVENTS solicited comments during the week of March 21 and used those comments to put together our first truly user-generated story, which is below:

George Soros is the most dangerous man in the world because, just like the crazy megalomaniacs in old fifties movies, he is deceiving everybody into believing that he is altruistic, when in fact, he is using his Open Society/Shadow Party to undermine the very fabric of American society.

Soros is the Puppet Master that funds many Progressive groups.

And while Soros can continue to spend his money on these organizations, he should not use money Americans pay in taxes to fund this pseudo-intellectual nonsense. To do so is irresponsible.

For example, National Public Radio (NPR), which he funds, is just considered by many to be “important news for important people.” To elites like Soros, all those other outfits, like Fox, are for “non-essential” people, like backwoods hillbillies who drive pick-ups, go to church, and vote Republican. Media Matters proves with each passing day that media *doesn’t matter*. But the upshot is, they’re probably single-handedly responsible for the birth of the blogosphere.

These organizations include, which needs to move on and Americans Coming Together which should be referred to as “Alinsky Cutting Throats, of conservatives.”

Some people say Soros’s dollars do not matter because no one pays any attention to any of the groups he funds. Soros cannot fund these groups forever, and natural selection will see these organizations fail when it comes to consumer choice. Quality will eventually conquer propaganda. Do the words “Air America” ring any bells?”

“Self-Deluded Megalomaniac”

Another interesting note: Soros has a lot invested in Brazilian oil production. His puppet, Obama announced that the U.S. would be investing and trading in Brazil’s oil development. Of course, Obama doesn’t want to drill here in the U.S. The connection is very clear.

Since Soros is out to destroy the USA like he has other countries, all of the organizations he funds are nothing but puppets for him, just like Obama. Obama went to Brazil to protect the Soros investment there in Petrobras.

Soros is a supranational force, who feels he’s beyond the concerns of mere mortals. So long as he can feed his ever increasing need for money and power our republic and way of life are not safe, especially with the soulless minions who do his bidding. Vast sums of money create a lot of loyalty, but popular opposition may eventually derail his greed and crackpot ideology, and consign him to prison and oblivion.

The most effective way to blunt Soros and his mis-guided funding is to fight fire with fire–get out and picket every organization he donates money to, put out endless articles highlighting criminal practices his organizations are engaged in (even if they are just allegations), smear every organization that accepts funding from Soros (as the left is doing with the Koch brothers), highlight violence and incivility of Soros funded organizations, keep them completely on the defensive fighting allegations and lawsuits.

For instance, governors should announce that from now on every organization willingly takes money from Soros will be shut down for collaborating with the enemy.

Indeed, the best cleanser is sunlight, so Soros should never be allowed to do anything in the dark.

Soros took the opportunity that America gives everyone and is now using it to destroy the opportunity for everyone in the future. Talk about biting the hand that fed him.

Soros has laid waste to countries by betting against their monetary structures. He made his fortune on other peoples misfortune and in fact helped to destroy them for his gain! His end game is to do the same to the United States, and that is why Soros stinks.

In the end, this guy is a self-deluded megalomaniac that wants the power of these wanna-be policy makers that really are only hate mongers with nothing better to do than allow legal abuse on a grand scale.

Without the millions Soros pours into progressive organizations and causes, such organizations could never be as organized as they produce their annoying army of rabble rousers who are hell-bent on making up for their insecurities by attacking conservatives and trying to destroy the conservative movement.

Story put together by comments on and Facebook from (In order by paragraph): Brooke Lucky, Maxwell Friedlander, Jo Kerr, Anna M. Peck Herrera, Veronica DiNapoli, Jared Gollnitz, Christina Molander Pasterz, Vonda Buckhart, Peggy Hall, Kevin Tikkler, Bob Repub, Chuck Tilbury, George Titsworth, John De Nicolo, Val Murphy Ditton, Cesar Kavlich.