Herman Cain and Ron Paul Win Straw Polls

Ron Paul and Herman Cain, again displaying their fervent followings, won straw polls in New Hampshire and Nevada, respectively, over the weekend.

Paul won the Coalition of NH Taypayers Picnic Straw Poll, garnering 39 percent of the vote. 

In Nevada, Cain won a straw poll sponsored by the Conservative Leadership Conference. Mitt Romney placed second and Rick Perry came in third.

Both Paul and Cain have fervent followers who are drawn to them because of their straight talk.

Paul can certainly make the case that the positions he has always taken are now more mainstream than they have been in the past, particularly on fiscal policy and some aspects of his foreign policy.

Cain’s appeal lies in his private sector and life experiences. In the private sectore, Cain turned around companies many thought were doomed to fail. He can say he can do the same for America.

Both come across as candidates who will not pander. They don’t sound like focus-group driven politicians.

The question going forward for Messrs. Cain and Paul will be how they can build upon their strong group of loyal supporters and broaden their coalition of supporters before some of the early primary contests to be legitimate contenders.