Undercover Video Exposes Medicaid Fraud


Undercover video provocateur James O’Keefe has launched a new investigation into Medicaid fraud.  His first video follows the adventures of two “Russian drug smugglers” who receive a remarkable level of cheerful customer service from Ohio Medicaid employees:

The undercover filmmakers make it clear that they have tons of money, which they get through the illegal drug trade.  Undaunted, the Ohio employees advise them to avoid mentioning their million-dollar sports car, and fill in their occupation as “babysitting.”

The friendly Medicaid workers also offer assurances that they won’t report the illegal immigration status of those who apply for benefits.  It’s always refreshing to hear the agents of one billion-dollar bureaucracy promise they won’t share information with another.

The new O’Keefe video crosses over with the other big undercover-video scandal, when the “Russians” ask about getting abortion services for their kid sisters, who prostitute themselves as part of the drug ring.  Two different Ohio employees promptly refer them to Planned Parenthood.

Sensitive to previous charges that he has selectively edited his videos to produce a false impression, O’Keefe told the Daily Caller that he will attach unedited footage to each release, and make unedited video available upon request.

O’Keefe might have been inspired to add Russian flavoring to his undercover sting by last year’s big Medicare fraud busts, which involved, among other things, a clinic using phony claims for elderly Russian immigrants to bilk the system out of $72 million.  The “kickback” room in the clinic even had a Stalinist-type poster of a woman shushing the viewer and warning them, “Don’t talk.  Be on the lookout.  In these days, the walls talk.”

I’m starting to get the impression that giving huge amounts of money to a mindless bureaucracy never ends well.