Iranian Regime Condemns Assassination of Nuke Scientist

Darioush Rezaie, 35, a university lecturer, was shot dead by gunmen in eastern Tehran Saturday. (Reuters)

The Iranian regime condemned the assassination of a young Iranian nuclear scientist shot dead in Tehran on Saturday.

Fars News reported:

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly condemned the yesterday assassination of a young Iranian scientist, and stressed that the killing indicates the US and Israel’s animosity towards Iran.

Daryoush Rezayeenejad, a brilliant post graduate student in the field of Power and Electronics, was gunned down Saturday afternoon in the country’s capital city of Tehran by two unknown terrorists. Addressing an open session of the parliament, Larijani stressed that the terrorist act of Saturday afternoon was another example of American-Zionist animosity against Iran. He advised American officials to think well about consequences of their actions.

Larijani also urged Iran’s security forces to respond promptly to such mischievous acts. Rezayeenejad and his wife were on their way to their child’s kindergarten when they were approached by two men on motorbikes.

The gunmen called him by name and shot Rezayeenejad, 35, in the neck when he turned around. The gunmen chased Rezayeenejad’s wife who attempted to find help for her husband. She is currently in hospital. No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.