Romney Campaign Launches Brutal Attack Ad On Perry, Then Pulls Video

A devastating personal attack ad by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Texas Gov. Rick Perry could be seen on Romney’s Youtube site, but was pulled not long after it aired. Fresh off the Republican primary debate in Nevada, Romney’s campaign continued to focus its attacks with a sharp-edged video that savaged Perry’s debate performances.

The ad painted an unflattering image of Perry. It used Perry’s own words, or lack of words, against him to insinuate that his debate and leadership skills were not up to snuff.

The video starts out by showing CNN host John King commenting about the debates being a “moment of truth” for Perry. It then goes on to show Perry stumbling over his words and committing verbal gaffes in some of his worst debate moments. The video then played a short segment of Fox host Brit Hume saying that Perry “threw up all over himself” in the Florida debate.

The repeat of the verbal stumbles plus the images of Perry with awkward expressions on his face made him look like a bumbler who doesn’t know what he is doing.

The video ended by showing the words, “Rick Perry: Ready to Lead?”