Occupy Movement's Disturbing Reaction to Rape

What in the world is going on with the Occupy movement?
Not only are reports of rape becoming more and more common at Occupy protests across the country, but the movement’s reaction to sexual assault is becoming less and less serious.  It is a troubling trend that has picked up in the last few days, as shown in interviews with the occupiers themselves, and through local media investigations.
Most recently, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby interviewed a woman on Wall Street who detailed the sexual assaults that have taken place there.  She told them that “at least 10 incidences of, at least, groping” and “there was a guy that got raped.”
After claiming that the police are inconsistent on their response to these attacks, the occupier explains what the movement is doing to protect its members.  The punishment for sexual assault at Occupy Wall Street?  No more free blankets:

It is almost impossible to imagine a more offensive and less severe response to rape.  However, it seems Occupy Baltimore has figured out an even worse reaction. There protesters refused to help a woman who was raped in their midst, then purposely disrupted a local media investigation into what happened.  When confronted about the violence, one occupier says, “We have a security team that actively deals with these situations.”

The preference for handling grave crimes within their wacked-out dystopia is nothing new for Occupy Baltimore.  In early October, a pamphlet was circulated that encouraged victims of sexual assault to “immediately report the incident to the security committee,” which would investigate and “supply the abuser with counseling resources.”  Sadly this disgusting aversion to justice for rape victims extends to Occupy Toronto as well.
In a raw video taken by an occupier whose girlfriend was groped by a man who also tried to make other protesters drink urine, a troubling incident unfolds.  As the man accused of sexual assault is taken in by police, several Occupy Toronto protesters can be seen trying to dispose of a knife that the accuser wanted to give to authorities as evidence.  One of the protesters says of the knife:  “I’m just going to throw it away.”

Anybody with a heart should be shocked and appalled by this kind of behavior.  This is a pervasive problem emblematic of exactly why we don’t want liberal utopians pushing their real-life dystopias on us.  No free blankets and counseling for rapists?  That’s seriously scary.