Time for a Tea Party Revival in Response to Mindless Occupiers

The Occupy movement has become a propaganda triumph for the Left. 

At Day 43 and counting. Occupy has metastasised into hundreds of squalid camps across the country and become a daily feature of American political and media life extolled by fawning reporters, sycophantic celebrities, and their President. 

But what is institutionalizing Occupy as an effective arm of the Left’s permanent campaign to “utterly transform America” is the money and muscle from organized Labor.

Will the Tea Party movement, dedicated to constitutional government, free markets, the rule of law, and an opportunity society, respond?

To this point it’s been too easy to dismiss Occupy.  The head lice, the drugs, the public defecation, the mindless cacophony of voices, the support from BOTH the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party—it’s all too easy to parody.

I’ve laughed out loud when the cooks at Occupy Wall Street quit preparing food because they were working long hours providing free gourmet meals for the hungry homeless, or “vagrants,” as the chefs called them.  Then the activists complained when their iPods were stolen and cash contributions went missing.  What did they think “spread the wealth around” meant?

Displaced from their residence in Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramento’s homeless have clashed with the Occupy Sacramento camp that has filled the park.  The homeless are circulating a petition to the city demanding that the park be cleared of Occupy and restored to them.

Occupy’s demonstrations against poverty are more important than helping the poor.

In my hometown, San Diego, Occupy protesters camped in the Civic Center Plaza.

Occupy San Diego demanded free coffee from the woman who owns a coffee cart in the plaza.  When they were denied, they stole her tip jar, intimidated her paying customers, urinated on her cart, smeared something on her car, and eventually (after death threats) she fled the plaza, leaving the wreck of her cart behind.

Occupy’s demonstrations against Big Business and in favor of small businesses are more important than supporting an actual small business.

The rapes, robberies and deaths reported in Occupy camps across the country have been more serious indications of this Lord of the Flies moment.

Even more serious is the thuggery and violence that the Occupy movement promises.

Again, it’s too easy to make fun of the signs.  Does “Eat the Rich” sanction cannibalism?  Is ranting against “Greed” the beginning of a revival of concern over the Seven Deadly Sins?  If so, will the Left admit it has an Envy problem?

But the reality is worse.

From the start, violent confrontation with the police was a tactic of the movement.  Police enforcement was quickly labeled “brutality,” drawing support for Occupy from the Ayatollahs of Iran, who know something about brutality against their citizens.

From the start, there were no “leaders,” but there was an agenda.

When thousands of protesters demanding good-middle class jobs blocked the Port of Oakland (Calif.) and prevented middle-class (and unionized) truck drivers and longshoremen from getting to work, the contradiction got noticed, but the agenda did not.  Blocking the port, disrupting commerce, destroying private companies and imposing an all powerful government—that is the Agenda.

The Occupy movement, derived from ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), driven by the spirit of granddaddy of radical community organizers Saul Alinsky, shielded by the media, anointed by the President, funded by radicals of every political stripe, is entering a new phase.  Occupy is becoming a violent arm of radical Labor.

Occupy activists have provided the muscle and Labor the money to picket Verizon, Christie’s Auction House and many other Labor-targeted firms.

Occupy will now make war on Labor’s enemy companies, smashing windows, painting graffiti, blocking the entrances.

The Revolution, long promised from the Left by Obama supporters such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, is on.

Where is the Tea Party? 

In 2010, the Tea Party activists worked tirelessly within the American system. 

The rallies were peaceful, lasting just a few hours, with speakers who called for politicians to obey the Constitution and protect American Liberty.  The Tea Party activists left the rally site cleaner than when they started.  There were no arrests, no violence.

For their effort, the Tea Party was branded by the Left and the Obama media as “racist,” violent terrorists, and “Astroturf” rather than grassroots.  The media smeared the Tea Party with a description that only fits the Occupy movement.

Tea Party members labored indefatigably to elect candidates in 2010 that reflected their traditional American views.  A new majority was elected to the House of Representatives.  After 2008, Obama boasted “elections have consequences” to ram through his radical agenda.

The consequences of the election of 2010? 

The budget deficit continues out of control.  ObamaCare is not repealed.  Declaring himself free of Congress, Obama the dictator has decreed amnesty for illegals through “prosecutorial discretion,” a carbon tax on emissions through air pollution rules of the Environmental Protection Agency, new restrictions on the Internet through the Federal Communications Commission, and a taxpayer-funded bailout of the big banks in Europe.

Speaker Newt Gingrich used a Republican majority in the House in the ’90s against a Democrat President to balance the federal budget and enact welfare reform.

Speaker Boehner has used a similar majority of the House to accomplish … what?

The Tea Party won the election, but there were no consequences.

Time for a Tea Party revival. 

Funded by private individuals and companies intent on saving the free market, allied with any group that is horrified by the tentacles of Big Government, energized by the 85% of Americans who believe that Obama has led this country in the wrong direction, the Tea Party in each of us must dedicate 2012 to the victory of candidates who will restore constitutional government, a free market, and personal responsibility.

The alternative is an Occupied nation.