Occupy Wall Street Genius Says He's Against "Private" Property, Not "Personal" Property

And that’s because he wants to keep his iPad 2, naturally, and not share it with the shiftless vagrants fighting over access to one of the three Porta-Potties recently delivered to the now-evacuated camp site in lower Manhattan.
As Samantha Bee from The Daily Show reports, there’s an income “class” that has sprung up at Zuccotti Park: Those sporting the capitalist creations called Apple products as they set up their temporary latte corners, and those annoyingly banging on drum sets all day.
The thing is that the dude musing about the differences between “personal” and “private” property isn’t even the biggest WTF moment of what you’re about to see. It’s that a portion of the protesters hold their daily planning meetings in… Deutsche Bank.

Via Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner.