Fast and Furious: Eric Holder Video


Here’s some video from Eric Holder’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee today.  First up: Holder explains that “no one at the Justice Department has lied,” because “lying is a state of mind,” which they apparently never occupy over there, no matter how many false and retracted statements they issue.

Here, asked if he would characterize Operation Fast and Furious as “reckless,” Holder tries “flawed” on for size before admitting that “yeah, I’d probably agree with” reckless, since more people are going to die.

How many people will die?  How many Fast and Furious guns are still out there?  Don’t ask Eric Holder:

Here, Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) zeroes in on what many believe was the true purpose of Operation Fast and Furious all along: advancing the Administration’s gun control agenda, by manufacturing gun crimes they could later cite as evidence new laws are needed.  Even if that wasn’t the original reason for “gun walking,” it is now beyond dispute that opportunistic elements within the Justice Department used it that way.

Is it wrong to blame all this carnage on Attorney General Holder?  Well, the man himself says the buck stops with him.  He’s not going to do anything about it, mind you, and none of the people responsible for the tragedy will be fired or anything like that.  He just wants to make sure everyone gives him proper credit for being such a responsible… well, “manager” isn’t really the right word, is it?  Because he never “manages” anything.  He finds out that his department is perpetrating acts of war against foreign governments by watching the news.

Incidentally, in another part of the hearing, Holder says he hasn’t discussed Fast and Furious with either Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Which is odd, because the Mexican government is understandably upset about how this went down, what with all the dead Mexican citizens and U.S. government-armed narco-bandits running around.