Turning the Tide On Abortion


Today is the annual March for Life, the biggest demonstration you never hear about.  The marchers won’t “occupy” anything.  They won’t grab headlines by fighting with the police.  Their beliefs have been ruled beyond the pale by popular culture.  They are routinely told they’re marching on the wrong side of an issue that was decided forever by judicial fiat in 1973. 

But the marchers keep coming, and they are winning one of the most uphill battles of modern times.  Anyone who is interested in persuasion, and the passionate exchange of ideas, should marvel at what they have accomplished.  They do it with a fraction of the attention lavished upon far smaller groups.  You won’t see many pro-life events where the police and reporters outnumber the demonstrators.

Today a group called Students for Life of America released a video filled with people who credit the pro-life movement with their very survival.  Let anyone who doubts that a human life is at stake during every single visit to an abortion clinic argue with these folks.

The “pro-choice” crowd isn’t very good at handling the humanity of abortion’s targets, or recognizing the choices of those who contemplated abortion, but decided to bring their children into the world.  They invest much effort in confusing the unborn with the unliving.  It is wise to mistrust an argument predicated on ignorance of the obvious. 

A great many people who would have liked to appear in this video were not alive to participate.  Conversely, the subjects of successful abortions will not be making a video critical of the procedure.