Top 10 qualities needed by a GOP Veep

Whoever wins the GOP presidential nod will need a strong vice presidential candidate to beat the formidable, very well-financed Obama-Biden ticket.  Here are some suggestions for the eventual Republican nominee when he chooses his running mate:

1.  Budget expertise

The biggest issues facing the country are the exploding debt, out-of-control spending and heavy tax burdens on businesses and individuals.  The Republican presidential candidate will need someone who knows the budget in and out, and who has innovative ideas about how to fix the problems—someone like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the architect of the acclaimed Republican budget proposal and the 2011 HUMAN EVENTS “Conservative of the Year.”

2.  Appeal to Hispanic voters

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in America and their vote could be up for grabs with the right ticket.  Peel off a few percentage points from the 65% of the Hispanic vote that went for Obama and the GOP can coast to victory.  Luckily, the GOP has in its ranks the inspirational, telegenic and conservative senator from Florida, Marco Rubio.

3.  Inspires the base

The Republican nominee will need someone to inspire the true believers on the right—a candidate who can bring in small-government Tea Partiers.  Someone like former Alaska Gov. and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin?  (Watching the mainstream media’s conniptions were she to be picked again would be particularly entertaining.)

4.  Tough campaigner

Vice presidential candidates often have to take on detractors, while the presidential pick stays above the fray.  Few politicians can match New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s track record in going head to head against entrenched interest groups.  His combative style and public employee union-busting would be a plus to any candidate.  (Imagine, for a second, a Christie-Biden debate.) 

5.  Administrative experience

Experience counts and having run an operation with a decent budget and a large number of employees is valuable training for a President or his running mate.  GOP Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Kasich of Ohio and Mitch Daniels of Indiana have all had success in trimming government waste.  We’ve seen what happens when a community organizer takes the reins of the federal government

6.  Appeals to evangelicals

Republicans can’t win in November if evangelicals and social conservatives stay home. Adding former Sen. Rick Santorum (if he fails to win the presidential nomination) or Rep. Michele Bachmann to a GOP ticket would send a signal to that critical voting bloc that their concerns would not be ignored.

7.  Innovative approach to healthcare 

The nation’s healthcare system will need a major overhaul after ObamaCare is dismantled.  If he doesn’t get the presidential nod, Newt Gingrich, who founded the Center for Health Transformation, is an innovative thinker who could help solve this critical problem.

8.  Immigration problem solver

The GOP ticket could use someone who knows how important it is to control the borders.  Despite sinking in the polls after his defense of in-state tuition for illegal aliens, Gov. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has spent a decade dealing with the immigration issue.  Another possibility: former Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado—a well-known immigration hardliner. 

9.  War on Terror expertise

Despite the pull-out from Iraq and the soon-to-come retreat from Afghanistan, the war on terror is far from over and the world remains a dangerous place.  The presidential nominee may want to look for someone with solid foreign policy expertise (former UN Ambassador John Bolton), someone with 9/11 credentials (former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani) or someone with battlefield experience (CIA Director David Petraeus, who served in the U.S. Army for 37 years, becoming a four-star general.)

10.  Makes black vote more competitive

It is about time that Republicans make progress in loosening the Democratic stranglehold on black voters.  Who better to start a political reexamination by a voting bloc strangled by liberalism than conservative black candidates who have overcome the odds to become successful?  War hero and Florida Rep. Allen West, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and business executive Herman Cain fit the bill nicely.