Patriots and Guns

A trio of uniformed cops strolled into my dressing room with big smiles on their faces, hands outstretched and glowing with positive energy. My band and I greeted them with open arms and began the increasing nightly ritual that would ensue for a gravity defying fifty plus year musical career that is more intense and celebratory today than on that wonderful day back in 1965.

These warrior heroes of law enforcement, and the never ending parade of US Military men and women that have graced my life forever, just wanted to talk rock-n-roll, guns, hunting, the American Dream and make it a point to thank me for standing up for law and order and my indefatigable support for those who put their lives in harm???s way, serving and protecting ???we the people??? on every battlefield where evil needs to be beat back by good men willing to do violence upon the enemy.

My more than 6,200 high energy concerts are eclipsed only by the sheer number of media interviews I have conducted over the years, and being the only right-wing gun nut huntmaster in the world of entertainment, I identified the mindless culture war attack on self-evident truths and The American Way that was fostered by leftists who infested the media as far back as the not so roaring 1960s.

Even though the vast majority of radio, TV and print interviewers that I took on were hardcore hippie leftists who hated guns, hated hunting, hated cops and were more inclined to side with Jane Fonda than the US Military heroes, they still couldn???t resist the intensity and fun factor (ratings) that I brought to their socialist agenda driven arenas.

They all seemed genuinely fascinated at the rare, ???unhip??? point of view that I brought to the debate, and deep down inside, a spark of logic compelled them to keep inviting me back over and over again and again.

Now celebrating the greatest rockin tour of my life in 2012, I am still blessed with the backstage visits every night by those special human beings that qualify as warriors. And though America is experiencing the most egregious infestation of anti-Americanism of all times within our government, these patriots remain steadfast, and dare I say, increasingly dedicated to return to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as the guiding forces to take back America and return to a course for the greatest quality of life known to humankind.

My concerts are wall to wall patriots, NRA members, hunters, fishers, and the hardest working, hardest rocking music lovers and freedom lovers you will ever find gathered in a single place. People of every stripe, young, old, from every imaginable walk of life, celebrating the musical soundtrack of defiance and excellence that my band and I exude everywhere we go.

It seems that the more I am attacked and the vile hate for what I am and stand for increases by an increasingly left-wing media and gang of liberal politicians, the more energized me and my audiences and supporters become. The line in the sand has never been more defined, and one only needs to listen to and watch my critics/haters to know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

It is no fluke that the NRA just celebrated our greatest record breaking convention ever, proving that more and more Americans have identified the freedom destroying agenda of the left that is manifested by their intoxicated scramble to disarm law abiding Americans in any way they possibly can. That more American families own more firepower today than any society in the history of the world says volumes about how we the people feel about our government.

???Don???t tread on me??? has once again become the battlecry and mantra of free people across the land, and we mean it with every fiber of our souls.

Our 25th record breaking sold out Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is another indicator how focused families are to steer their children on a True North compass setting in life, and the marksmanship and archery courses at our camp were nonstop smiles and giddiness to aim small, miss small, literally and figuratively.

November 2012 will not only usher in the annual soul cleansing, healing through nature hunting season ritual that we all so look forward to, but this year, we plan on making a cleansing statement at the voting booths across America.

Logic and self-evident truth remain common and sensible to Americans tuned in and deeply concerned about the future of this sacred experiment in self-government, and I feel a wonderful upgrade about to take place where once again, conscientious, productive Americans will out vote those who are not interested in being an asset to the last best place.

I see it every night as I rock across America, and I still believe that the good will be victorious over the bad and the ugly.

Show me a guy who hangs out with cops and military heroes, and I will show you a guy who is an asset to America. And it all has a soundtrack that rocks.