Mormon bashing all the rage

Check out the new Bloomberg Businessweek cover. Age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes are now being transposed onto another religion … one that happens to be the faith of a wealthy Republican candidate running for president.

Looking beyond the cover art, which will undoubtedly offend Mormons if not most Christians, the piece itself is fascinating —  even though it’s liberally sprinkled with curious and strained assertions, like: ???perhaps unsurprising that Mormonism, an indigenous American religion, would also adopt the country???s secular faith in money.???

Do Americans have a secular faith in money? No. Americans have faith in faith. The United States is more religious than almost any developed country in the world. But the  idea that Americans are inherently greedier or have more “faith” in wealth than others around the world is a myth.

Romney has put up with anti-Mormon campaigns since he got into politics. Certainly voters have have every right to be curious about a presidential candidate’s belief system. They have every right to reject it, if they chose. After all, in 1967, when Mitt Romney’s dad ran for president, 17 percent of Americans said they would not vote for a Mormon for president. Today, 18 percent say the same.

With that said, can anyone imagine a major magazine producing a similar cover aimed at any another major American religion?