Joe Biden: 'I wish my kids would become wealthy!'

Let us begin with the standard Joe Biden disclaimer: this man is the Vice President of the United States.  He holds that position because President Barack Obama put him there.  Biden???s words and deeds are a direct reflection upon Obama???s judgment, and his performance should be evaluated when voters consider Obama???s fitness for re-election.  It is not unfair to quote Biden because everyone knows he???s not playing with a full deck.

With that out of the way, we turn to the Vice President???s latest misadventures in public speaking, this time before the International Association of Fire Fighters.  The Association was reportedly not pleased with the speech, although the same group has given Biden a good reception in the past.

Whatever his other omissions and rhetorical deficiencies might have been, the classic Bidenisms began to flow when he got to the class-warfare part of the speech.  The Obama campaign is very much interested in persuading voters to support four more years of crushing unemployment and outrageous Solyndra-style corruption by perpetually reminding them that Mitt Romney has a lot of money.

However, they???re still reeling from Obama???s declaration of war against entrepreneurs ??? ???You didn???t build that!??? ??? and the incredibly powerful public backlash to it.  Last night, Senate Democrats all but unanimously passed a massive tax hike on small business in the Senate, which will devastate an already weak economy.  Many small business owners treat their company revenues as personal income for tax purposes, and the Democrats just targeted them for tax increases.

This is the most hostile Administration to small business in recent history, and small business owners know it.  Gallup just released a poll that showed their approval of the Obama presidency dropping to 35 percent, with 59 percent disapproval.

So how could Joe Biden dish out the usual class-warfare mumbo-jumbo without alienating entrepreneurs even further?  According to Business Insider, he did it by blurting out, ???I wish my kids would become wealthy!???

???There???s nothing wrong with that,??? Biden continued.  ???It???s a good thing.  But the wealthy do very well.  Why?  Because you have money in your pocket to buy things.???

Yes, he really said that.

Our lovable Junior Deputy Class Warrior was willing to concede that Mitt Romney was ???a good family man, a guy who means well,??? but he went on to assure the firefighters??? association, ???I don???t think he gets you.  I don???t think he understands what you’re all about, what makes you tick, what makes you decide to go in this profession, which you couldn’t pay 90 percent of the population to do.???

Business Insider very tactfully notes that ???Biden’s three grown children, though, don’t appear to have any financial troubles and are seemingly doing fine financially. His two sons, Hunter and Beau, are high-profile lawyers, and his daughter Ashley is a recently wed social worker.???

Furthermore, Beau Biden was groomed to run for his father???s Senate seat, ultimately deciding to retain his modest position as the Attorney General of Delaware.  For Joe Biden to present his family as a hard-scrabble blue-collar bunch that enjoyed no special advantages over the typical struggling middle-class worker is grotesque.  Let???s just say that the Biden family has not exactly found Delaware to be hostile territory for their ambitions, while business interests with Biden connections have done very, very well in the state.

This phony business of assuring targeted constituencies that a politician really ???understands??? them, while his opponent does not, is both insulting and pointless.  Fire-fighting is a unique profession, and I doubt very many politicians have ever walked in their flame-resistant boots.  Meanwhile, it???s manifestly obvious that Barack Obama and his running mate don???t understand what makes the American economy ???tick,??? and if the economy isn???t ticking, there won???t be much money in anyone???s pockets to buy things, or fund such important civic services as fire fighting.