White House in violation of transparency law

One month ago exactly, President Barack Obama signed a law requiring the administration’s Office of Management and Budget to issue a report defining exactly what cuts the massive and mysterious $1 trillion sequestration package would take to defense and other domestic programs.

But it appears following that law to the letter wasn’t on the agenda.

The 30-day deadline for that report came and went without answer Thursday, and Friday White House spokesman Jay Carney announced the report would be out late next week, according to afternoon pool reports.

Though defense leaders have called this doomsday mechanism of cuts “devastating” if they are allowed to go into effect on the first of next year, Democrats made clear they aren’t taking the threat seriously when they issued their platform earlier this week. In it, they describe  the cuts that were initially intended as an ultimatum as one of several “tough budgetary decisions” that “must” be made.

Missing these kinds of deadlines is nothing new for the Obama administration, though. Here’s a look from the Washington Times at some of the other budget deadlines the administration has ignored.