Obama campaign staffer thinks vote fraud is “funny and cool”

The undercover video commandoes at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas have posted a stunning new video, in which Stephanie Caballero – regional field director for Obama’s “Organizing for America” in Houston, Texas – cheerfully helps someone she believes is a dedicated Obama supporter to vote twice.

The undercover reporter tells Caballero she’s got a voter registration card from Florida, due to having spent some time there.  Since she knows Florida is an important battleground state, and she really, really, really wants to help Barack Obama stay in office, why not vote twice?

Caballero is both amused by the suggestion – “Oh my God, this is so funny.  It’s cool, though” – and supportive.  She promises to look into the odds of the double voter getting caught and punished, while helping her get set up for an absentee ballot in Florida.  During a follow-up visit, when the Project Veritas mole says she’ll be happy to vote twice if “no one’s gonna know,” Caballero laughs and says, “You’re so hilarious!”

Because vote fraud is super funny, right?  And remember, liberals think it hardly ever happens, so there’s no reason to get all worked up about a few people getting disenfranchised here and there.

And Project Veritas says there’s more to come!  The video ends with a montage of other Obama campaign workers reacting very warmly to the idea of casting more than one vote.  In the meantime, Matt Boyle of the Daily Caller has been trying to reach Stephanie Caballero for comment with “repeated calls to her cell phone,” but she suddenly seems a lot less outgoing.