Obama tries a little cancer humor, because cancer is hilarious

How desperate, out-of-touch, and juvenile is Barack Obama?  Judge for yourself, as he tries to peddle his preschool-level “Romnesia” theme by comparing the fictitious condition to stage-three cancer.  (Hat tip: The Weekly Standard.)


It’s a fairly straightforward example of blind rhetorical excess.  Obama is desperately trying to build a narrative he can sell, because Lord knows his abysmal record certainly isn’t attracting much support.  He tried Sesame Street, boasting that he was the only candidate who really cared about huge taxpayer subsidies to a billion-dollar puppet show.  He tried “binders full of women,” which was such a bizarre non sequitur that even his dedicated fans in the media were nervously backing away, while Obama and his campaign staff cracked each other up.  Now he thinks his brand name in the home stretch will be “Romnesia,” and he’s not too picky about which disease metaphors he uses to push it.