Election Day shenanigans: ballots shredded, Black Panthers return

Update: And another tale of Obama photos displayed in polling places is added to the fire, as the Daily Caller reports that a polling station at Saint John’s University in Minnesota displayed a wall sized blow-up of a photo from the White House Situation Room, showing Barack the Slayer “supervising” the liquidation of Osama bin Laden.  Someone eventually covered the President’s face with a sheet of copy paper, providing a moment of hilarity amid the outrage.

Update: Federal JobCorps vans in Milwaukee have reportedly been used to ferry voters to the polls, where they found – you guessed it – photos of Barack Obama hanging on the walls.  “The Job Corps is a division of the United States Department of Labor, a cabinet level agency that reports directly to President Obama, who is up for re-election today and who has campaigned hard in Wisconsin in recent days,” as MediaTrackers helpfully explains.

Update: Ben Howe at RedState reports that Republican poll watchers have been blocked from entering polling stations in Lenoir County, North Carolina for the entire day, ostensibly because of an unspecified technicality in their paperwork.

Update: Yet another Obama poster hanging illegally in a polling place in Newark, New Jersey is discovered by Project Veritas:

Update: This is evidently how those Philadelphia poll workers chose to comply with the judge’s order to cover the Obama mural in their polling station:

Update: Another report of Obama propaganda hanging in a polling place, this time in Tallahassee, Florida, courtesy of the Media Research Center.  The poster reportedly reads “Change the Atmosphere.”  Who knew it would prove so difficult for election supervisors to understand that campaign material from one of the candidates shouldn’t be hanging near the polls?

Update: A judge in Pennsylvania has issued an order to cover up that Obama mural in the polling station depicted below.  Strange that it would take a judicial order to make anyone understand the necessity of doing so.

Update: Guy Benson at reports that the former Digital Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee is complaining that his ballot was stolen.  He went to vote this morning, only four minutes after the polls opened, and was told he had already voted.  “The idea that my vote may not be counted is a very big concern, and I don’t know how to confirm if my vote will even count,” he said.  Interestingly, he’s voting in the same district where Democrat Rep. Jim Moran’s son was forced to resign after being caught on undercover video giving lessons in how to get away with vote fraud.

Update: Video of an electronic voting machine altering votes (in this case, changing an Obama vote into a Romney vote) has been posted on YouTube.  This is not cool, no matter which candidate it helps or hurts, and the reports are becoming fairly widespread.  This particular incident appears to have occurred in Pennsylvania.

Update: Tony Lee writes at that someone has been stuffing Ohio mailboxes with fake “Tea Party” flyers containing racial slurs and racial supremacist language.  It would be just perfect if the fraudsters turned out to be connected with the Occupy movement.

Update: It turns out one of those Philadelphia polling places that’s been kicking out GOP observers has a giant mural of Obama painted on the wall, along with his logo and slogans.  It’s awesome that certain parts of Philly don’t even pretend to hold fair elections.

Update: Tough break, Democrats!  Fox News is reporting “a Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges.”  It looks like “just under 70” of those Republican observers got booted out by Democrats, a total considered “rare even for Philadelphia” by a Republican official.  I’m hearing reports that sheriff’s deputies are being sent to escort the Republican observers back into those polling places.  Looks like it just got harder to steal that election, Philly Dems!

Update: Reports are coming in from Colorado of more touch-screen voting machines registering Romney votes as Obama votes.  Similar problems have been previously reported in Ohio.


It just wouldn’t be a proper Election Day without all sorts of funny business going on at the polls.  The Black Panthers are back in Philadelphia, outside the same polling place where they flagrantly intimidated voters in 2008, to the mild amusement of Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  It looks like this time they’re not packing truncheons, and as long as they obey the rules and maintain the proper distance from voters, they have the same right to be there as anyone else.  They just seem to be the only ones that get away with wearing paramilitary uniforms while they’re “monitoring” elections.

A group called the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC sent the Nevada Secretary of State a letter citing reports accusing “the Culinary Union 226 of knowingly registering illegal immigrants and then pressuring them to vote,” according to a Fox News report.  One illegal immigrant is quoted as saying a union representative ominously warned he would be “in so much trouble” if he didn’t vote.    Somewhat improbably, the head of ALIPAC claimed Senator Harry Reid’s re-election victory in 2010 was due to illegal immigrant votes; and, quite unrealistically, he wants the Clark County voter rolls purged completely of illegal aliens in a single day.

Sorry, but that ship has sailed.  That’s why vote fraud defenders are so fiercely determined to block photo ID laws.  Very little can be done once Election Day rolls around, and it’s extremely unlikely that any subsequent test of ballot integrity would lead to overturning an election, particularly a presidential election.  The odds of fraudulent voters facing any sort of real consequences are slim, and even verbally reminding them of the potential penalties has been declared an act of racist voter suppression.  Election Day is the finish line for the voter-fraud crowd.

In North Carolina, according to another Fox News report, it has been alleged that patients at a home for the mentally handicapped have been “carted off” to the polls by staffers and instructed to vote for President Obama.  The complaint comes from the father of a patient, who says his daughter was “brainwashed” for this activity, along with at least three other residents at the home.  The owner of the home denies the accusation, but admits that “it’s not uncommon” for transportation to be provided to polling sites.  Ominously, he went on to incorrectly assert that “there is no intellectual test to whether or not you can vote,” when in fact a person who has been declared mentally incompetent by court order, as in the case of the young lady whose father made the complaint, cannot vote.  You would think the owner of a home for the mentally handicapped would know something like that.  An investigation by a North Carolina Medicaid provider found at least seven similar cases of mentally incompetent people registered to vote over the last two years.

Reports are coming in from Philadelphia  that court-appointed Republican poll watchers are getting thrown out of polling places in at least fifteen different wards.  No big deal – it’s not like big-city Democrat political machines have a long history of vote fraud or anything.

Also in Philadelphia, reports a “citizen journalist” discovering bags of shredded voter registration forms behind the offices of an ACORN-style group called the Community Voters Project.  Sifting through the trash, it was found that many of these forms came from people trying to register as Republicans.  Which is funny, because supposedly CVP is a “non-partisan” group whose goal is to increase voter registration.