Kellett: Guns & kids

If you believe you are the result of a cosmic accident and are nothing more than the top of the animal food chain, then why be surprised when senseless violence occurs in America?

After years of liberal dogma, more restrictive gun laws, less religious exposure, we are experiencing a devastating result.  A society less rooted in a foundation of faith and family is more rooted in despair and violence.

Since the school shooting in Connecticut, the expected liberal knee-jerk reaction to gun ownership were on display. President Barrack Obama did not waste any time. His memorial service speech indicated  more restrictive gun legislation should be pursued. The administration who openly stated in 2009 that no good crisis should not be taken advantage charged forward creating a new task force with gun ownership the target. The mainstream media immediately takes up the cause and the crusade is on the march.

A media where diversity of thought on the gun ownership issue is hard to find. “Confiscate guns” said Ed Schultz of MSNBC on his radio show. Piers Morgan of CNN wars against the second amendment and urges changes to the Constitution need to be made.

Yes, Americans should look at the root cause of any violence and especially those where multiple deaths occur.  However, that introspection might identify an eroding American society.

It is not that guns are the problem. It is not a “gun culture” that is problem as recently said by Bob Costas. The problem is an eroding culture where faith and family is no longer as important. I submit that the gun violence we see is a symptom of an eroding American society.

Noted psychologist Dr. Pamela Thompson was a guest with me recently on Talk Radio 850 WPTF/Raleigh, NC.  She observed that we are raising a generation of narcissists. The “me” generation where one demands that their needs are met.

Parents, Dr. Thompson noted, are creating an environment where the child is the center of the universe and all wants are rewarded.  So, it is all about “me.”

Take this a step further and then the result we see is a violent temper tantrum. An alternative reality reinforced by video games, movies, and music of like nature.

An alternative reality where if your needs aren’t met then everyone is the enemy and through a few pushes of a button problem is solved.

So, is that alternative reality only displayed with the use of real firearms?  No, countless attacks occur with other dangerous weaponry. Just last week, a story from China discussed multiple fatalities in school caused by someone with a knife.

So, what should be done? On my face book page, people weighed in.  Ashley said that more “regulations” are the answer. Vicki thought we should “arm teachers.” Al said take money from wasteful government programs and put “armed guards in the schools.”

While I favor allowing teachers to conceal carry, none of these ideas, I think, identify the problem. It is a dysfunctional society where an alarming divorce rate leaves young people with no moral guidance.

“We must change the hearts of people,” said former Colorado congressman Bob Beauprez.  Beauprez was on my show to discuss the shooting.  Like me, the former congressman thinks our culture is eroding and the violence is the symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself.

So, again, what do we do?  When the furor about gun legislation subsides, then we must explain that a society with no absolutes is a society that stands for nothing. No right or wrong breeds confusion.

If everyone creates their own morality and everyone chooses their own reality, then why are we surprised if that reality results in a violence outburst?

In commenting about another eroding society, the Biblical author wrote that “everyone did right in their own eyes.”

Isn’t that what is happening today?