"Assault rifle" saves teenagers from home invasion burglars

No sooner do I finish explaining to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo why people might need 10 bullets for something other than blowing away deer, than the headlines burst with an example, courtesy of The Right Scoop and Poor Richard’s News.  Not only was a “high capacity magazine” involved, but the story involves a teenage boy in Texas defending his even younger sister from a couple of thugs with one of those dreaded AR-15 “assault rifles”:

The teenage son of a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy shot a home intruder Tuesday afternoon in the 2600 block of Royal Place in northwest Harris County, deputies said.

The 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister had been home alone in the Mount Royal Village subdivision when around 2:30 p.m. a pair of burglars tried the front and back doors, then broke a back window.

The teenager grabbed his father???s assault rifle and knew what to do with it.

???We don???t try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,??? Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said. ???That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.???

The home invaders fled, leaving a trail of blood.

This Lt. Stauber sounds like exactly the kind of guy I’d want coming to the rescue if I were under attack by murderous thugs.  And I have no doubt that he’d want to be there for me, with all his heart, just like countless other dedicated law-enforcement professionals.  But that’s not how it works.

Look, there’s even moving pictures and sound and stuff for the benefit of “low-information voters” and high-ranking government officials!

But maybe these kids could have just called Barack Obama and begged him to issue an executive order requiring the burglars to leave without hurting them.

Most of these phony “assault weapons” crusades are based on purely cosmetic features of the weapons.  Writing at RedState on Thursday, AR-15 owner Patrick Millsaps explained that’s one of the reasons he purchased such a gun: he hopes the intimidating appearance of the weapon will frighten off burglars before he has to plug them.

As a hunter, I own guns.  I???ve owned guns since I was twelve.  A deer rifle.  Several shot guns.  A few hand guns.  All in safes.  I have no idea how many rounds my ???clips??? hold.  But after this experience, these guns seemed, well, insufficient.  Ironically, the idea to buy an AR-15 actually came from a trip to New York two years prior to this incident.  New Yorkers may recall, in the immediate post-9/11 world, there were law enforcement officials walking around the city in full tactical gear with semi-automatic so-called ???assault rifles??? strapped to their chest.  You could not walk a city block without seeing armed security.  It was very reassuring.  This awesome show of force was such a ferocious deterrent.  These guns looked mean because they were supposed to look mean.  They were in plain sight with the hopes of each and every officer that they would never have to use them.  This display of firepower ensured that it was unlikely that the firepower would every have to be used.

And that is why I bought an AR-15.  I didn???t buy one so I could feel cool.  And I didn???t buy one just so I show it off or feel manly or because I like the fact that I can shoot a bunch of rounds.  I didn???t even buy an AR-15 simply because I could.  I bought an AR-15 with the hopes that the sight of it would scare the crap out of anybody???sober or high.  I bought an AR-15 so I could have the security of a New Yorker while living in a town with a population of roughly 5,000.  I bought an AR-15 so that I wouldn???t have to ask twice for a criminal to get out of my house.  I bought an AR-15 with the hopes that I would never, ever, have to pull the trigger in defense of my family.

But you might have to pull that trigger, and if you’ve got two or three predators closing in on you and your wife, children, or 12-year-old sister, you will almost certainly need more than six rounds to put them down.  I’ve posted a story that runs strongly counter to some element of the current gun control hysteria every day for the past week.  I could keep it up forever.  Every single thing that some sneering elitist thinks you don’t “need” enough to warrant respect for your Second Amendment rights has come clearly and obviously to the defense of innocent people in these incidents.  In fact, all of them have involved the defense of children.

It bears repeating in this climate of politicized, manufactured panic: gun control zealots are going to get innocent people killed.