Gun owners rally against 2nd Amendment threats

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Gun owners and supporters of 2nd Amendment rights gathered in front of state capitols across the country Saturday to express staunch opposition to proposed gun control measures by President Barack Obama and numerous governors.

The grassroots protest called Guns Across America was organized and launched with only a few days notice through social media, primarily Facebook, to mark Gun Appreciation Day and bring awareness to the flurry of new laws.

Nearly 1,000 people gathered by the Maryland capitol here where Democratic Gov. Martin O???Malley is pushing new legislation to ban certain types of rifles, require fingerprinting of gun owners and outlaw certain types of magazines and ammunition.

Framed by pillars declaring ???Equal Justice Under Law,??? those attending held signs declaring, ???The Bill of Rights is not moot,??? and ???gun free zones are the most dangerous zones.???

???It???s waking us up,??? said Charles Lollar, a Republican gubernatorial candidate.  ???There???s a revival in this country.

Lollar, who also serves as a major in the Marine Corps Reserves, told the crowd he is a 2nd Amendment Marine who believes in the power of prayer.

???Sometimes I pray a little better with a Glock 45 in my hand,??? Lollar said.

Republican Congressman Andy Harris compared the frenzy of gun control initiatives to a Communist country where he said gun bans are a means of keeping the citizens repressed.

???Our liberties are under assault as they have never been,??? Lollar said. ???This was a bad week for liberty.???

According to a recent Fox News poll, a majority of Americans are siding with gun owners with 22 percent saying tougher laws are needed and 71 percent opposing new legislation.

The resurgence of the gun control debate follows the tragic killing of 26 children and school staff Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn. by a gunman believed to be suffering from mental illness.

Obama announced last week that he would take 23 executive actions without congressional action to restrict gun ownership.

???We fought for these rights that are being daily attacked by the Obama administration,??? Ginny Meerman, Mrs. Maryland of 2009 told Human Events after speaking at the event. ???We have a dictator living in the White House.???