Johnson, McCain, and Paul vs. Hillary Clinton

When the undercard “fights” consist of hugs and the exchange of Valentines, it’s best to move right along to the main event.  Here are the most illuminating parts of Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, in which she admitted to having some vague feelings of “responsibility” about the Benghazi debacle, but reassured America that it’s nothing she can’t get over.  Committee Democrats cheerfully broke out the rhetorical steamrollers and helped her pave those “bumps in the road” good and flat.  None of them dwelled on the unpleasant discovery that the “road” past Benghazi turned out to lead to Algeria.

Senate Republicans showed some encouraging signs of life, however.  First up, here’s Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) asking Hillary why she and the Obama Administration invented a phony story about a “spontaneous video protest” and peddled it to the American people for weeks.  Hillary responds with a quote that is destined to be written into the pages of American history: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

The sheer arrogance and callous indifference of Clinton’s amazing outburst has already made it legendary, but don’t forget how utterly stupid the entire statement is.  She’s phrasing it as the difference between a couple of guys going out for a walk and randomly deciding to attack the embassy, versus a spontaneous video protest.  If she really thinks that’s the issue, she’s mentally damaged and utterly unfit to hold any public office, and the idea that she’s been allowed to serve a single day as Secretary of State is terrifying.  Rather than a few excitable lads out for a stroll, do you suppose this might have been the work of the gigantic al-Qaeda terror network spilling out of Libya to devour north Africa, Mrs. Clinton?  You know about that, right?

Senator John McCain wasn’t quite that blunt, but he was still quite unhappy with Mrs. Clinton’s answer:

And while Clinton endlessly repeated her assertion that she takes this whole situation “very seriously” and feels somewhat “responsible,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had the gall to actually suggest holding her responsible:

This is naturally confusing to a member of the Obama Administration, who think the game ends when they say the magic phrase “I take responsibility,” and they win.  Especially if they get to follow it up with demands for increased funding as the solution to all problems.

No word on whether the maker of the YouTube video that Hillary Clinton suddenly wants to forget about was allowed to watch her performance from his cell, or whether he thinks any of it makes a difference.