Granny's packing heat: 56-year-old woman fires at attacker

In Detroit, it pays to be armed for self-defense–particularly if you are a nonthreatening great-grandmother.

A male mugger in the Detroit suburb of Southfield made the wrong assumption last week and ended up fleeing under a hail of bullets, reports local station Click on Detroit.

Ramona Taylor Kamate, a 56-year-old with a concealed carry permit, was attacked on a city bus on Thursday, the station reports.

The gutless mugger grabbed Kamate’s book bag and the two started grappling while the rest of the bus looked on. Kamate even tried to bite her attacker on the hand, but when he got off the bus with her stolen purse, she decided to give chase. An observer said the mugger had a gun, and when he turned to face Kamate, she pulled own her own 9-millimeter handgun and fired on him.

She squeezed off 11 shots, Click on Detroit reports, but it’s not clear if the assailant, who got away, was hit.

Kamate told the station that at first she felt remorse shooting at the young man, because she had young grandchildren. But, she said,  “if my grandchildren are out here doing what these punks are doing, they need to get the same thing.”

Authorities are still searching for the mugger and looking for anyone who might check into a local hospital with a bullet wound, MyFoxDetroit reports.